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Transform Your Business Strategy With Synergix ERP Software
Simple Installation, Scalable Deployment and Integrated Management

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What is Enterprise Resource Planning?
Find out how an ERP System can benefit your business.

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Your Productivity is Our Priority.
Fully Integrated and Customisable ERP Solution Suites for Your Industry

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“Having been in a partnership with Synergix for more than 10 years,
we are satisfied with the services and the ability to deliver”

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For the latest Enterprise Resource Planning News, System Updates
and Upcoming Technological Events in Singapore

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Synergix Technologies is a leading provider of full-service and web-based Enterprise Resource Planning
(ERP) software solutions in Singapore. We have developed and provided Synergix ERP system
to more than 30,000 users to optimise their business operations.

ERP system users
Years of experience in providing ERP services
SMEs in different industries


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ERP Solutions for Your Entire Business

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  • Contract Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Manufacturing Solution Management
  • Equipment Servicing Management
  • Project Costing Management
  • Trading & Distribution
  • Vertical Extension
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High Flexibility

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Our ERP software solutions can run on a cloud-based platform, offering instant access from a web browser or a Mobile application to the database in anywhere and at anytime.

ERP system users will be supported with different languages including English, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, etc as required.

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Professional Service

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Aiming at SMEs’ productivity and efficiency improved, Synergix teams with years of experience can deliver exceptional ERP system services to you, from free pre-purchase consulting to post-purchase supports including training and maintenance.

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100% Customisation

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Understanding the necessity of customisation during most of ERP system implementations, Synergix team is built with competent experienced programmers, system analysts, QA/QC personnel etc who can help your business achieve all of your corporate’s key objectives.

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Synergix Mobile Application

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The Mobile Application for our ERP System is under development and will be ready to transform the way you manage business soon!

With the goal of offering efficient business management at your fingertips, Synergix ERP mobile application can be used not only in the office but also during field trips through any iOS or Android devices with real-time information synchronised instantly for productivity optimisation.

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Support on Grant Application

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As being an approved ERP software provider, we have worked closely with the Government agencies to help hundreds of businesses successfully acquire Government’s funding.

Synergix Technologies always stay up to date with the latest grants to provide our customers with the accurate consultations and assistance in preparing for the grant application.