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Business Development Consultants are fully-equipped with Synergix ERP System technical expertises and business domain knowledge. They are in charge of performing pre-sales consultancy for our customers, ensuring all your business needs and challenges are taken care of.
Business Development Consultant
Account Manager
Synergix Account Manager team liaises between the company and our customers. Their top priority is to respond to customers’ needs and concerns as quickly and effectively as possible in order to build and maintain strong relationships.
Account Manager
The Marketing Team concentrates its efforts on lead generation and strengthening brand equity. The team creates, manages marketing activities to help generate qualified leads, and monitors performance. The Business Development Associates (BDA) team who are responsible for lead generation via tele-prospecting activities, supplying our sales team with a good pipeline of prospective leads.
Marketing & BDA
The System Analyst team is in charge of system design. The team specialises in modules based on their areas of expertise. With a solid foundation of experience in their respective domains, they are quick to grasp new industry knowledge and advise on the interactions between any customisation development and the ERP software.
System Analysts
Synergix Technologies
A successful ERP software deployment heavily depends on the Professional Services department. The team ensures that everything is implemented on schedule and in accordance with the customers’ environment. Each of our consultants has a minimum of 5 years of experience with accounting, business domain knowledge, and strong project management skills.
Professional Services
Our Quality Assurance & Helpdesk team is well-trained and has a thorough understanding about Synergix ERP System. Each of them fully understands every module and function so that they can best support our clients. They are also the ones who ensure that quality testing and bug reporting are properly tracked throughout the testing process of our ERP Software.
Quality Assurance & Helpdesk
Synergix Development department’s primary concentration is on programming for the specific domains to which they have been allocated. They build new features and optimise the system constantly in order to innovate and improve our system for the benefit of all customers.
Software Development

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