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Our People

Our success lies with our people. Synergix has a well-structured team to cover key operational aspects of our business. In our quest to be the leading ERP Solution Provider in Singapore, our employees are very focused on the roles they do best and that is why no single person at Synergix performs cross-departmental duties.

ERP Business Solutions Department
Synergix People - ERP Business Solutions Department
Our Business Solutions Department is in charge of performing pre-sales consultancy for our customers. Each solution consultant is fully equipped with Synergix E1’s ERP technical and industry business domain knowledge to ensure that your business....
Professional Services Department
Synergix People - Professional Services ERP system singapore
Success and failure of ERP software implementation depend very much on the project team implementing them. Our Professional Services department ensures that it is implemented according to the customers’ environment on time. They are tasked with managing....
System Analysts Department
Synergix People - System Analyst ERP system singapore
Our System Analysts are in charge of designing the system. Each of them specializes in modules according to their expertise. Having a rich experience in their respective domain as the basic foundation, they are quick to understand new business domains and ....
Programmers Department
Synergix People - Programmers Team ERP system singapore
Our programmer department’s core focus is in programming for the specific domains that they have been assigned, after receiving the specifications from our System Analysts. They are broken down into Senior and Junior programmers and each team is spearhe....
Quality Assurance/Tester (QA) Department
Synergix People - Quality Assurance Team ERP system singapore
Our QA department is in charge of ensuring that new modules and features of our ERP Software are thoroughly tested before deploying to our customers for acceptance. Our Quality Assurance team also plays an important role in the entire SDLC including....
Marketing Department
Synergix People - Marketing Team ERP system singapore
The Marketing Team concentrates its efforts on lead generation and strengthening brand equity. The team creates, manages marketing activities to help generate qualified leads, and monitors performance. Our Business Development Associates who are responsi....
Helpdesk Department
Synergix People - Helpdesk Team ERP system singapore
Our Helpdesk support department is well-trained and fully-equipped with the knowledge on the entire Synergix E1 ERP System. Each helpdesk personnel fully understands every single module and function within Synergix E1 so that your call can be advised by ....
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