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We are URGENTLY looking for an aspiring Business Solutions Consultant (BSC)


BDE Role Overview

As a Business Development Consultant (BDC), you’ll work hand-in-hand with our Business Solutions Manager (BSM) towards closing deals. Our BSM will take care of your learning progress, be present and assist you with all internal and external user requirements discussion and presentation with our potential customers until you fully gain the industry domain knowledge and be ready to recommend solutions without their assistance.

You’ll be exposed to pre-sales role wherein you’ll:

a.) learn more about Synergix E1, our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System so that you’ll be capable of giving business solution consultancy to our potential clients;

b.) learn and understand the industry workflow, key problem areas and recommend business solutions;

c.) conduct presentation/demo to users and committee members – make sure to understand our prospective client’s business problems to formulate business solution and make effective presentation;

d.) prepare user requirements, customization scopes and discuss the details with our system analyst;

e.) and prepare a business proposal that features the company workflow, their system requirements and the solutions we can provide them;

f.) learn and understand the skills of hunting new clients.

This role will help you gain strong industry domain knowledge, gain high exposure in analysis and advance your presentation skills to various industries, develop confidence and network with an array of professionals/business owners.


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Within the 3rd to 4th year of being a Business Solutions Consultant (BSC), the successful candidate will be evaluated to be promoted for career growth and be designated to the candidate’s best-fit position!

Next Promotion Target: Senior Business Solutions Consultant [3rd to 4th Year]

 As a Senior Business Solutions Consultant, you should be able to handle duties of a BSC independently. You are expected to have sufficient domain knowledge with our various industries to recommend solutions for the company. You will be presenting product demo to Top Management of our potential clients. Work with BDC, Senior BDC or BSM to close deals with our customers. You are responsible for conducting training and review with our new BSC to make sure they learn well and understand the key features, apply the value proposition and be able to prepare detailed data for presentation.

After the 3rd to 4th year of working with Synergix Technologies Pte Ltd as a Senior Business Solutions Consultant, another evaluation will be done to get the chance of being promoted as Assistant BSC Manager!

Next Promotion Target: Assistant BDE Manager [5th to 7th Year]

The Assistant BSC Manager is responsible for efficiently handling all the tasks and responsibilities of a Senior Business Solutions Consultant. It is also expected that the Assistant BSC Manager can execute the plans of the BSC Manager.

 Within the 5th to 6th year of working as Assistant BSC Manager, you will be evaluated again for another promotion and career growth.

Next Promotion Target:  BSC Manager [8th Year Onwards]

As a BSC Manager, you are liable for defining long-term organizational strategic goals, identify the industries we should focus with, maintain extensive knowledge of current market conditions, present to and consult with senior level management on business trends and work with all the marketing staff and other managers to increase sales opportunities. with a view to developing new services, products, and distribution channels.

You are going to formulate, revise and review policies, process, and procedure to ensure that we have an efficient and affected BSC team to help us meet our goals. You will conduct performance discussion of BSC improvement and performance by setting a plan of action for the next period and to review what has been achieved during the last period. You are to ensure all team members represent the company in the best light.