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Building & Construction

" We are very blessed with a large and growing pool of testimonials from our customers, these are industry leaders’ who have came to trust and rely on our solutions to enhance their business to push forward for greater excellence."

Building & Construction

Kwan Yong Testimonial
12 September 2023
With much enthusiasm, I am writing to recommend Synergix ERP software. We are satisfied with the service. Synergix ERP software has improved our productivity on daily operation tasks. By digitalising the process, we can search for documentation and information effortlessly. The approval process is simplified, and status tracking is easy. In additi....
Concord Corporation Pte Ltd
07 September 2020
We have been using Synergix Technologies ERP software since 2017 and I am writing this testimonial to recommend Synergix Technologies to companies who are looking for ERP software. First of all, we love their software because it is simple and easy to learn. It caters well to our requirements and has been a great help in our daily operations in ter....
LWH Testimonial
07 September 2020
We have been using Synergix Technologies’ ERP software since 2018 and would like to express our appreciation to the team at Synergix for all they have done for us. With the help of their ERP system, there are now proper controls in place. For example: period closing / locking and also user accessibility to modules and form codes. What we lik....
Poh Wah Group - ERP Solutions
11 August 2020
It is my pleasure to write this testimonial as a happy customer of Synergix Technologies since 2013. Synergix ERP system is very systematic and allows us to closely monitor the progress by different departments as we have 3 different entities using their software. In addition to that, we saw a decrease in human error especially in the inventory le....
ERP System Singapore
18 January 2019
We have been using TaskHub ERP since March 2013. Synergix Technologies’s TaskHub solution has helped to automate our operation process from Manpower tracking, HR, Project Budgeting and Costing, Procurement and Financial Reporting. Synergix’s project team help us eliminate the tedious manual process of recording our worker’s atten....
ERP System
18 January 2019
We have been using TaskHub ERP since April 2014 while initial implementation began a year ago in 2013. During the initial rollout, there were certain concerns by our users since it is our first ERP system implementation. The Project Executive from Synergix who helped us in the rollout as well as training, displayed great patience and helpfulness. ....