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Field Service Management

" We are very blessed with a large and growing pool of testimonials from our customers, these are industry leaders’ who have came to trust and rely on our solutions to enhance their business to push forward for greater excellence."

Field Service Management

Cheng Meng Furniture - ERP System
16 December 2019
We have been using Synergix Technologies’ ERP system since 2007. During these years, we have received numerous calls from other vendors persuading us to change to their software but was turned down by us simply because Synergix Technologies’ ERP system is more user-friendly and we like their budgeting control function within their proj....
enterprise resource planning erp system testimonials - union energy
03 January 2019
Synergix Technologies ERP system Taskhub has been a great help to all our business needs. The various complex customisations made it very difficult for any ERP vendors to meet our criteria as to integrate with call center, operation team and production plant was not easily done. However, Synergix was not only willing to take up such a task but per....