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" We are very blessed with a large and growing pool of testimonials from our customers, these are industry leaders’ who have came to trust and rely on our solutions to enhance their business to push forward for greater excellence."


Cel Coatings Industries Pte Ltd - ERP System
16 December 2019
This letter serves as a testimonial for Synergix Technologies Pte Ltd for being our ERP software vendor since 2011. Synergix’s software is flexible whereby we were able to customize the software to meet our operational needs and it was really easy to extract any detailed information we needed. The experiences we’ve had with Synergix Te....
ERP Testimonials - honeywell logo - Synergix E1 ERP software customer
03 January 2019
We have been using TaskHub ERP since February 2009 when initial implementation began in February 2008. Upon implementing Synergix Technologies’s TaskHub, it has helped in our business process in many ways. Synergix is able to continuously provide us with customisation services to cater for our HQ Honeywell requirements. Most importantly, we ....