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Marine Engineering

" We are very blessed with a large and growing pool of testimonials from our customers, these are industry leaders’ who have came to trust and rely on our solutions to enhance their business to push forward for greater excellence."

Marine Engineering

Ashcroft Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd - Synergix E1 ERP Solution client
15 February 2019
Having been in a partnership with Synergix for more than 10 years, we are satisfied with the services and the ability to deliver. Since the Windows version of Synergix software to the web-based TaskHub software today, Synergix support has been consistent and implementation of services have always been live on time. Yours truly Ashcroft Instruments....
ERP System Singapore
18 January 2019
We are satisfied with the Synergix E1 ERP Project Solutions that has been provided to us by Synergix Technologies Pte Ltd. As a result of business expansion, we found a need to automate our processes, and to lessen the burden of administrative work on our employees, so that they may better focus on their core work scopes. With Synergix E1’s ....