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E-Invoicing Through the Peppol Network

PEPPOL Ready Solution
What is E-Invoicing Through the Peppol Network?

Electronic invoicing (E-Invoicing) is the automated creation, exchange and processing of requests for payment between suppliers and buyers using a structured digital format.

Peppol Ready Solutions are solutions such as (for example) Accounting and ERP which are connected to the Peppol network where business users can initiate an e-invoice using Peppol E-Delivery.

What are the Benefits of Transacting Through the Peppol Network?

As a Peppol-Ready Solution in Singapore, our Synergix Accounting Software Solution can help your business gain benefits from Electronic Invoicing.

  • Get Paid Faster: The universal standard in E-Invoicing results in faster invoice processing, validation, and payment times
  • Reduce Cost: E-Invoices reduce cost to business (eg. Storage and retrieval of hardcopy invoices)
  • Transact Internationally: Send E-Invoices seamlessly to overseas partners
  • Green Friendly: E-Invoicing reduces the use of paper and play a part in improving climate issues
How to Sign Up for E-Invoicing?

Follow these simple instructions below to sign up for the Peppol network, and start sending and receiving e-invoices!