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ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions Tailored to your Business

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Our ERP solutions are developed based on specifications of different business sectors and detailed requirements of hundreds of customers.

With over 30 years of experience, Synergix Technologies can provide fully integrated and customisable ERP Solutions which are aptly designed for your industry and cover your entire organisational process.

FAQs about ERP Solutions 

What are some ERP solutions examples? 

ERP solution serves the particular demands of businesses. This is how it operates: 

  • The business examines their particular requirements. For example, a manufacturing organisation may need features beyond typical production planning functionality. 
  • After that, an ERP vendor would suggest a particular ERP system that can be altered to meet the needs of the business. This customisation could include integrating the ERP system with the company’s current software, setting up workflows, or introducing new features. 
  • The ERP solution also includes the implementation process, data migration from old systems, and training for employees on how to use the new system.

What are the benefits of implementing ERP Solutions?

ERP solutions offer a comprehensive approach by including software modules, customisation services, and integrated support. They are scalable and adaptable to various business needs and industries, aiding in strategic alignment and providing end-to-end support for maximum value and return on investment. 

For example, when a retail chain expands into new regions, with the help of ERP software, they can easily customise their systems to comply with regional laws and preferences while seamlessly managing their growing number of stores, warehouses, and distribution centres. This scalability and adaptability ensure efficient operations and maximum return on investment as they continue to grow. 

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How Synergix Building & Construction modules can help streamline the workflow? And what Add-on modules can automate B&C operation?

Synergix Building & Construction modules streamline workflow by facilitating project management, budgeting, procurement, and financial tasks. They automate tasks like revenue recognition and invoicing and follow Singapore Accounting Standards. Features for mobile project updates, safety management, subcontractor administration, and client billing are available as add-on modules. 

How can Manufacturing ERP solutions help improve my company’s manufacturing operations? 

Manufacturing ERP solutions like Synergix improve company operations by: 

  • Effective scheduling of machine capacity and production. 
  • Efficient inventory control to avoid delays. 
  • Streamlined procedures with online approvals and mobile solutions. 
  • Enhanced cash flow and made financial transactions simpler. 
  • Dashboard widgets and real-time data provide enhanced visibility. 
  • Smooth interaction with different systems. 
  • Extensive modules designed to meet particular requirements. 

How might ERP solutions for trading and distribution help me run my business more efficiently? 

Synergix ERP solutions for distribution and trading make companies operate more effectively by: 

  • Using inventory management technologies and mobile capability to streamline processes. 
  • Digital payment integration and quote comparison to improve supplier management. 
  • Delivering information in real-time and integrating with other systems. 
  • Providing customisation and scalability for business requirements. 

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