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Synergix Architect ERP Solution is a fully integrated project costing solution that helps you to manage your project contract, billing milestones, sub-con schedule, and project budget control as well as automate your process on architect time spent on the individual project and allocate as the project cost. Moreover, our ERP solution can also handle other costs such as staff claims cost and overhead cost to do cost allocation to the project. Aside from that, we can also provide your company with an integrated Full HR, e-leave, TMS, payroll module and financial modules for accounting and reporting analysis.

Syneregix Architect ERP Solution
Fees schedule Per Stage of Work

Project Costing module to perform costing and budgeting, monitoring percentage fees schedule per Stage Of Work.

Cost Capturing and Budget Control

Comprehensive Cost Capturing for each project (eg Labour Cost, Sundries Cost, Business Trip Expenses and Staff Expense Claim) and its budget control.

Billing Management

Auto-alerting and tracking of Customer Signoff Certificate for billing triggering.

Architects Timesheet

e-Timesheet to capture the TimeSheet for each project for each employee such as drafter, designer, architect.

Subcon Management

Sub-con Progressive Claim and Certification Management to handle Progressive Billing and Claim Management for each job.

Fully Integrated HRM

Full HRM Solution TMS, E-leave, Payroll (including Performance Appraisal, Training Cert and Points Tracking for your professional architects).

Synergix E1 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System - Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us?