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Synergix Cleaning Solution is designed to help cleaning professionals automate their operational workflows. This Cleaning Solutions ERP System offers features that support quotation budgeting and preparations, manpower deployments, jobs scope scheduling and billing tracking. Integrated with other supporting modules such as inventory control, procurement, human resource management and financial management, Synergix Cleaning Solution is the ultimate tool you need to ramp up your business efficiency.

Contract Management with e-Approval
Tailor professional quotations to your client’s needs

Synergix Cleaning Solution enables you to adapt your quotations accordingly to meet each of your client’s expectations through the flexible creation of manpower and work order requirements in quotations and contracts. To ensure profitability, the budgeting feature can be utilised for more informed costing.

Monitoring of Contract Life-cycle

Upon the customer’s confirmation, kickstart the contract by simply confirming the quotation, which will automatically generate a contract. Synergix Cleaning Solution makes performing contract revisions, terminations, and renewal easy for you with just a single click.

Manpower Allocation and Deployment
Manpower Allocation and Deployment

Synergix Cleaning Solution compiles manpower and shift requirements stated in each contract for your manpower assignment. This information will then be passed down to the Team Task Manager (mobile) for site attendance tracking.

Work Order Scheduling
Comprehensive work order requirement scheduling

Based on the tasks, frequencies and locations agreed in the contract, Synergix Cleaning Solution smart scheduling system provides you with a proposed execution plan in calendar view, while leaving you the option to build your own plan. The recurring feature allows you to populate the schedule with recurring tasks immediately with the option to exclude weekends and public holidays for your convenience.

Team Task Manager (Mobile)
Establish seamless communication between the office and field

Stay connected with your teams with Synergix mobile-optimised solution, whereby your team leaders can view and update the completion of tasks for that day. Incorporated with photo-taking capabilities, your site team is able to upload pictures as supporting documents of their work done.

Progress Reporting

With the progress and photo updates, Synergix Cleaning Solution is able to generate and email your customers with periodic progress updates automatically, keeping them well-informed.

Inbuilt time management system

Team leads or supervisors are able to mark and track employees’ attendances and sync back to the office in real-time. Staying abreast of manpower at sites allow you to roll out site manpower shortage contingency plans immediately.

Billing Management
Fuss-free tracking of contracts due for billing

Synergix Cleaning Solution acts as a repository which consolidates all of the invoices to be billed out to your customers, regardless of the contract’s billing frequency. You will not have to worry about any invoices being left unbilled. If the previous month has not been billed, the system will also retrieve it for you to bill in the current month.

See how Synergix ERP System transform your business.

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