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Construction SOR

team engineer architects working meeting discussing designing planning measuring layout building blueprints construction site top view construction concept 300x200 - Construction SORSynergix Project Management is tailored to the Singapore construction industry and conforms to follow the Singapore Project Accounting standards. Synergix Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions covers the whole business processes — from the project tendering stage to customer and subcontractor claims. It also encompasses certification, consolidates project cost tracking, purchasing with inventory management and flexible project billing processes. Our Project Management Software further allows the information to flow seamlessly between your head office and project site offices. With Synergix ERP System, get a higher success rate in project proposals, complete control of project costs that operate within budget, better allocation of employees, higher revenues and a smoother execution of projects.

Construction SOR Features
Project Schedule of Rates

A schedule of rates is a list in a contract setting out the staff, labour and plant hire rates etc that a contractor will use for pricing cost reimbursable work. It does not contain any quantities for the specific work items and is typically used when the nature of work required is known but it cannot be quantified, or if continuity of programme cannot be determined.

Register Term contract Schedule of Rate

Keeping track of your term contract with each customer and Synergix software able to keep track each contract utilisation.

Import SOR Template

Usually there will be thousands of line item in the agreed SOR. You can simply import the SOR rates into Synergix ERP System to save you time and make it easier for you to manage your SOR rates with each customer.

Keeping Track of your Work Order

Keeping track of each worker order when PO or instruction received from you customer. This is to ensure you will never miss any WO for all your customer and what are the work needs to be carried out. In the event if you need to prepare quotation for the work order, Synergix Project SOR is able to handle WO quotation which can be sent to your customer for confirmation and then turn this quotation to a work order.

Work Order Performance

Upon work order is complete or partial completion, workers can update their work done via our work order performance module. Update on the quantity of work done and generate work order performance for customers to check and verify of the work done.

Work Order Billing

Upon completion of each work order and had been certified by customer. We can combine all the WO into a single billing.

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