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Field Service Management

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Synergix Field Service Management System provides you with a comprehensive ERP System that integrates from your quotation stage, right to your operation optimising the entire field service process from customer service trip planning down to service delivery. With effective tracking & report generation, management will be able to gain information transparency for better insights to make decisions. Be ready to plan and allocate your service engineers/technicians in the most productive way to provide top-notch service performance quality and customer service satisfaction level to a new height.

Field Service Management Solution
Real Time Scheduling with Notification Alerts

Synergix ERP System’s Notification Alerts will prevent services left undone and unnoticed.

The Service Summary screen will help the supervisor to keep track of the outstanding service jobs.

Technicians/Engineers will also be able to know in real-time which jobs are pending for their actions under their outstanding jobs list. In some cases whereby the service cannot be completed on the same day, this job can then be rescheduled in a calendar form and will be updated in real-time in the system.

Service Job History

With Synergix ERP System, the field service History screen will show the user/technicians the past records of services performed, which is useful when further judgments or analyses are required i.e. the reason why the customer’s equipment breaks down.

Mobile Field Service

Using Synergix ERP System, technicians/engineers will be able to access the software and update the service details via mobile devices, tablets or laptops. Even without an internet connection, the system can automatically save the details updated in the service checklist and update the changes to the system once a network connection is available.

Customized Field Service Forms

Field Service checklists or forms can be customised accordingly to your business’s unique requirements. Synergix ERP System is also very flexible as you will be able to configure fields required to create your own checklists or forms. This checklist will remind the engineer/technician of all required checking, thus preventing him from overlooking the important checking.

Integrated System for Ordering and Replacement of Parts

Occasionally, parts from customer’s equipment might be damaged and require replacement. With the integrated system, the salesperson will be notified on this request for replacement to speed up his quotation preparation process which is linked to our Synergix Sales Quotation module and Inventory modules. The billing amount for the replacement item will also be recorded and Finance will be able to know the amount to invoice the customer upon completion.

Eliminates Paperwork and Risk of Losing Documents

All details and information recorded down during the field service will be saved in the Synergix ERP System, including photos taken and also signatures from customers. Hence, this will remove the risk of loss of important documents, and promote a “Go Green” environment with a paperless system.

Seamless Approval Process

Before you send the quotations to your client or issue a purchase order to your supplier, the Synergix ERP System can auto-route it first to the approving manager to perform a review and approval check. An email alert will be sent out for real-time notification and with Synergix Field Service Management System being web-based, the manager can access it anytime, anywhere for quick authorisation. You can also set multi-tier approval processes and set approval limits for each manager, ensuring each transaction is properly approved and escalated to the right person in charge.

Finance Management
Billing Management

Synergix ERP Software enables you to perform automatic billing generation for those standard service contracts with various billing frequency (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually and usage) so that Synergix ERP Software automatically picks and generates invoices when due. You will no longer worry about overlooking invoices to be sent.

Safeguard Financial Records and Accounts Through a Reliable Accounting Module

Streamline your accounting information for multiple companies, currencies, transactions and departments through Synergix ERP System’s real-time recording and system update. As the Accounting module is linked to all the other modules, your Accounts user will get a harmonized and real-time update of all your company’s financial transactions. The module also supports the closing of books, cashbook transaction recording and data management across ledgers, to name a few. Synergix Accounting Module conforms to the Singapore Accounting Standards and is approved by IRAS.

Analytics & Customization
Real-time Reports

With Synergix ERP System, you can generate reports at any time to check the status of your company. With real-time reports, you will be able to monitor cash flow movements, profit and loss, the aging of the debtors, etc. These are just a few of the 500 standard reports you can generate from the system readily.

Customisation for Unique Work Processes

Unique work processes may exist for each company and here with Synergix ERP System, we are able to customise the field service management software according to your requirements.

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