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Food and Beverage (F&B)

Industry Overview

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Synergix F&B ERP Solution Package provides you with a comprehensive ERP system where you are able to execute with planning to fulfill customers’ orders. Offering you integrated Kitchen management software, it will provide you with real-time visibility right from food order management down to kitchen schedule. Any changes in the planning will also enable kitchen employees to be notified in real-time. With Synergix F&B ERP System, it gives you better control, and facilitates flexibility and transparency over your F&B management. Furthermore, it allows managers to monitor various departments’ execution performances and make vital business decisions from there.

Sales Order Management
Set Menu Creation

Synergix ERP System has a set menu creation screen which gives users the flexibility to create different set menus for their F&B business.

Useful Stock Information

During order preparation, salespeople can check useful stock information on the same screen such as historical selling price and volume sold to help with the quotation and current stock availability to fulfill the delivery commitment.

Pre-agreed Sales Contract / Blanket Order
Auto-track The Contact Balance Quantity And / Or Value
Sales Order Enquiry

To provide your users an overview of the sales order, Synergix ERP System has a sales order enquiry that shows the information on which operation stage it is pending at.

Flexible Workflow Approval Mechanism
Kitchen Order Management
Recipe Management Feature

To prevent the loss of recipes, our system has a recipe management function that allows you to record the ingredients/overheads (machine/labor cost) and steps required to produce a finished food product. At the same time, it can also capture the cooking time for each stage.

Kitchen Scheduler

For your kitchen, your chefs will have a kitchen scheduler that will provide them visibility on how much ingredient is required to produce the meal portions for the day. This screen also enables toggling between hot and cold kitchens if any.

Cost Management Report

Ultimately, with the estimated versus actual consumption, you will be able to generate a cost management report to track.

Logistics Management
Inventory Control

In the inventory master, you can store all important information about your inventory such as brand, category, UOM and specifications. Synergix ERP Software supports lot number and serial number tracking to improve the traceability of your inventory movement.

Batch & Lot Number Tracking for Perishable Items
Delivery Routing for Drivers

Using Synergix System collection app, dispatched drivers will be able to see their delivery trips and the collection information such as customer contact information and linens to be collected.

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