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Laundry Management

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Customisable fully-integrated Synergix ERP Solutions for your business.

Whether you are in the commercial laundry business or industrial laundry business, a fully-integrated Laundry Solution provided by Laundry ERP System can help you to perform Order Management, flexible Price Matrix Management, Procurement, and Inventory Management to improve productivity. These modules are ultimately linked to financial modules to streamline accounting information and transactions through real-time updates.

Logistics Management
Inventory Control

In the inventory master, you can store all important information about your inventory such as brand, category, UOM and specifications. Synergix supports lot number and serial number tracking to improve the traceability of your inventory movement.

Delivery Routing for Drivers

Using Synergix collection app, dispatched drivers will be able to see their delivery trips and the collection information such as customer contact information and linens to be collected.

Picking and Packing

At the picking screen, your staff can easily see in the system the list of finished goods to be picked out and indicate the completion of picking once they are done. The info will then flow down to your staff in the packing process, who will be able to use the system to split up the finished goods into different containers and generate a label to be pasted onto the packing containers.

Seamless Machine Integration to Barcoding / RFID
Laundry Sales Management
Credit Limit Check Approval

Our system can auto-check if the client had exceeded their credit limit. When this happens, the system can stop the quote from proceeding and approval will be required before the sales order can be confirmed.

Pre-agreed Sales Contract / Blanket Order

Auto-track the contract balance quantity and/or value

Seamless Sales Order Taking With POS Through Integration

Should you have any retail outlets that take in orders via Point-of-sales machines, Synergix can do a seamless integration to auto-fetch the daily sales transactions into Synergix ERP System for the convenience of your finance staff to tally their accounts and for managers to make a quick decision if stock replenishment is required.

Approval & Report Generation
Flexible Workflow Approval Mechanism

With Synergix ERP system being a web-based software and with real-time notifications and email alerts, a manager can access it anytime, anywhere for quick authorisation and approval.

Real-Time Reports

With an integrated Synergix system, data generation of reports will be in real-time and simple as a click of a button.

Customization According to Your Needs

As the principal developer of Synergix’s ERP system, we can always customise our software to suit your needs and the business process.

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