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Waste Management

Industry Overview

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Synergix Waste Management Solution is a comprehensive ERP system that integrates your business from the quotation stage, right to the operations and finally to the billing stage, specially tailored for the waste management industry.

Adding on extensive functions of Synergix ERP System such as weighing bridge integration, driver trips management, you can expect to reduce manual paperwork effort, driving higher accuracy in data recording and achieving a more streamlined process in your company. Management will also be able to derive greater insights via the Business Analytics module for quick reporting analysis.

Waste Management Solution
Effective Quotation Management with Flexible Price Mechanism

With Synergix ERP System, you would be able to create a new rental and service quotation for your customers. Integrated with an inbuilt price list mechanism, the system shall ensure a consistent price rule management with flexibility in setting up of different billing charges.

Service Route Planning

With Synergix Waste Management Software, you would be able to plan the service route planning in Synergix ERP System, which indicates the vehicle and driver name for each route. In addition, Synergix ERP supports both scheduled and ad-hoc routes to help you with the ease of planning and scheduling tracking.

Personalised Screen for Driver with GPS Tracking

With Synergix ERP System, after all the routes have been planned, the information will be pushed to your driver. Hence, on daily basis, your driver would be able to see all the outstanding jobs and/or routes to be completed on that day. After each job is performed, your driver will just need to click a button, and the system will capture the time of completion. In addition, the system will also record the location of the job with the GPS.

Photo Taking Function

There may be a time that there are damaged items or some incidents at job site. Your driver would be able to take photos directly from the tablet, and the system will sync the photos to the respective contract folder in Synergix ERP System in real time. You could then access the photos from your office directly.

Integration with Weighing Bridge

Your weighing bridge could be integrated to Synergix ERP System to automate the process of capturing the weight of the waste. The system would then be able to link this to the billing module for disposal charges.

Acknowledgement Job Completion with Signature and Auto-Email

With Synergix ERP System, your customer can sign at the tablet directly (with digital signature) to acknowledge the job done. Afterwards, email copy would be automatically sent to you and your customer. This will reduce paperwork and increase accuracy.

Analytics & Customization
Business Analytics

With Synergix ERP System, you can create your own customised reports easily with the drag-and-drop Business Analytics tools. In addition, you can schedule the report to be sent automatically to your management, allowing for prompt and accurate reporting.

Customisation for Your Unique Work Process

Unique work processes may exist for each company and with Synergix ERP System, we are able to customise the contract management software according to your requirements.

Finance Management
Ease of Monitoring Invoices Due For Billing

With Synergix Enteprise Resource Planning solution, you can easily monitor the contract that is due for billing by the month and date, so you won’t miss out any invoices. With one click, you will be able to view all the outstanding services that you need to bill.

Integrated IRAS-Compliant Accounting Module

Synergix ERP System is not just a Waste Management and Recycling Software. It also has a complete accounting module that conforms to IRAS and Singapore accounting standards, with AR, AP, GL, and bank book capabilities. With this, you no longer have to key in the double entries for each of the transactions and will have a complete flow from the quotation until the invoices.

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