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T1 Business Intelligence - Business Analytics

Synergix Business Analytics helps you analyse your business to gain better insights and make quick and important decisions. With just a click on your mouse, you have the flexibility of analysing data by selecting the components you wish to analyse using Synergix ERP System.

Furthermore, you will be able to measure, monitor and track the performance of your various business functions and entities. For instance, you can choose to analyse the sales performance of your salespersons, your individual products as well as the markets in which these products are sold. You will now know how easy it is to do a comparison of your various business units’ performance, either through statistics or visual graphical representations, all with our Business Analytics module, and to make quick and important business decisions.

With the Synergix Business Analytics module, you are able to gain accurate and timely insights for your business, so you can define the next key step in your business strategy. Analysing the profit of your individual business units (locally or overseas) will no longer be a hassle. You will also want to be alerted of any underperforming units and markets immediately so as to salvage the situation and reduce the extent of the loss.

Be Alerted Of Under-Performing Sectors

Knowing which areas of your business are underperforming is critical. With the ‘Traffic Light Indicators’ in the Synergix ERP System, you can choose to define the threshold of figures you wish to be alerted of. Our ‘drill-in’ feature allows you to go further into details so you can make sense of and analyse the root cause for the underperformance. This feature will thus help you with making key business decisions and assigning new strategies for underperforming sectors.


Cubes pertaining to your industry and core nature of a business can be created in Synergix ERP System for easy analysis. Besides pre-defined cubes that you use for frequent report analysis, it also enables you to define and modify these cubes to meet any information needs that are specific to your business. Furthermore, you can create new cubes and formulae to define new relationships as and when the need arises. With more than 30 different chart options to choose from, you have the flexibility of churning out reports using different chart formats for analysis.

Bookmarking Your Reports

Do you like the analysis you have created so far? You can simply save the analysis you have created with the Synergix ERP System bookmark function, and come to it as and when you like. Always updated with real-time information, your bookmarked report will reflect the current status of your business for you to make quick and informed decisions in your next business step.

The bookmarked report also allows you to make modifications to the report you have created. For instance, you can drag and drop more components for more analysis or comparison with your current data. Do you want the reports you have created to have any security features? You may choose to share or restrict access to your data analysis by selecting the security option. This is a security feature of Synergix ERP Software that prevents any unauthorised access by your employees to confidential company information. Similarly, it gives you control over who has the right to access your company data.

Be A Report Writing Professional At Your Fingertips

With the ease of access to accurate and current data from your database, you can create reports any time of the month using the Synergix ERP System. Your employees can churn out reports at ease with our Business Intelligence module. Gone are the days where report writing was the preserve of IT specialists. Report writing has now been made easier, as Synergix ERP System provides you and your employees with the flexibility of creating detailed reports by simply ‘dragging and dropping’ components of data that you would like to analyse. This saves you money as you need not engage a professional to customise a report template for you. Furthermore, you are able to save time in any report creation as all you need is to ‘drag and drop’ components that need analysis. You also have the flexibility to choose the format for exporting this report in either Adobe Acrobat or excel format.

Auto-Scheduling of Reports

Have the convenience of scheduling your reports such that they could be emailed to you and your management on a fixed basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) with the Synergix ERP System. This could save you the hassle of often manually collating the data to submit the required reports. Additionally, this feature will allow you to schedule your exception reports as well.

Management of Exception Reports

With the Synergix ERP System, you can be alerted of any problems, errors or variances or even negative figures, by scheduling your exception reports, such that only when they occur, you will be informed through email to view the reports. For example, a report could be generated to display any delivery orders which have past the dateline. Hence, once scheduled, you will be alerted via email only if there are overdue deliveries to your customers.

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