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Contract Management


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Synergix Contract Management effectively manages the entire workflow of your contract department.

Starting from Contract quotation to contract auto-generation, contract dispatch and finally to billing. You have a central source of information to efficiently monitor the entire status of each and every contract through a web-based ERP system. Synergix Contract Management Suite is also fully integrated with different types of operations including operational/fixed assets, financial, inventory control, procurement and human resource management.

Contract Quotation with Online Approval Workflow

Synergix ERP Software increases the productivity of your salesperson with a ready tool given to them with the ease of a web-based system. With online routing approval of contract quotes, it ensures that the company’s approval policy is met before any quotation is sent to the client.

Contract Status Monitoring

Upon giving the client an official confirmation, a single click will convert the information from a contract quote into an active contract for monitoring. Synergix ERP System handles the life cycle of every single contract ranging from active, revised, terminated and expired status with proper tracking ability.

Contract Asset/Items Dispatch and Usage Monitoring with Integration to Barcoding/RFID

For non-service based contract, Synergix ERP System can be linked to any operational assets such as the monitoring of serial numbers of dispatched and collected assets, plus the ability to be integrated to a barcoding or RFID system.

Billing Management

Perform automatic billing generation with various billing frequency (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually and usage) so that Synergix ERP System automatically picks and generate invoices when due. You will no longer worry about overlooking invoices to be sent.

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