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Customer Relationship Management


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Attain better business outcomes by attracting, nurturing and sealing transactions with your business prospects with the help of Synergix Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) System. This module allows you to view critical customer data and recording of opportunities for multiple product lines.  Categorising sales product lines will enable you to have an improved analysis of sales projections.

Keep every action recorded as the Synergix ERP System can update every completed sales activity and follow-up actions. This can help the current salesperson in decision-making and also for future project handovers. Have wholesome visibility of the opportunity by capturing competitors’ information and using them to build on your sales pipeline.

Stay Connected with your Prospects through CRM Module

Synergix ERP System helps you attain better business outcomes through the building, maintaining and empowering of your pipeline using our Customer Relationship Management that constitutes Sales Management, Campaign Management and Opportunity Management. The module ensures that the collection, follow-up and stage analysis of your various leads and opportunities is well managed and that all potential leads are maximised.

Capture the Right People in Charge for a Better Pitch

Tag the right people and get them on board to close that deal. The Synergix ERP System will allow the user to tag the telemarketer, salesperson and sales manager for the opportunity which will provide them with viewing and access rights to the information. Through this, they will be able to update any changes and keep track of all the activities done for this lead.

Save All Prospect Information for Better Analysis

Information such as employee size, annual revenue, paid-up capital, parent company and main problems can all be saved within Synergix ERP System to provide insight on the financial standpoint of the company and aid the salesperson in addressing the specific ails of the prospects.

Know the Right People for the Right Actions

The pertinent contact information of your prospects can be captured in the Synergix ERP System for a more audience-targeted approach to your sales pitch. Information such as name, designation, mobile and email information can all be captured and be easily referred to when making a call or addressing them.

Manage All Opportunities for Multiple Product Lines

With Synergix ERP System, get accurate and easier analysis of your sales by categorising your sales pipelines for different product lines. For every opportunity created, your company can group them according to the product line, brand, and business unit or in any way definable` by your company.

Never Miss a Chance by Monitoring Sales Activities

Keep every action recorded as Synergix ERP System caters to updating of sales activities done and follow-up actions suggested which not only help the current salesperson in decision making but also in future project handovers. Through the summary screen, a quick glance of the follow-up actions is easily on hand for a snappy response to the customer.

Gain Clear Visibility of Expected Profit

Closely monitor the statuses and probabilities of closing for each deal, and let the system generate reports on your upcoming individual, team or company pipelines. Synergix  CRM provides real-time costing of every opportunity that you are following up on. Every activity, cost and time spent on a lead can be tracked and monitored. Find out if it is still worthwhile to pursue a lead.

Get Ahead with Detailed Competitor Analysis

Synergix ERP System allows you to maintain competitor information for every opportunity. Maintain up-to-date competitor information about the likes and dislikes of the competitor. Complete with competitor analysis for the user to identify the competitor’s weaknesses and strengths and the steps needed to overcome any hurdles to close the deal.

Keep Track of Your Sales Process

Synergix ERP System allows users to be acutely aware of the next action and steps to take to advance the opportunity. Be updated on the progress of a sales opportunity through a stage-by-stage sale process. Easy updating of the lead by ticking the completed phases, and having a complete overview of all the required stages to win the opportunity.

Know Your Next Step in Closing the Deal

Maintain logs of all activities taken during the course of meetings with the opportunity. Synergix ERP System will maintain a record of all outstanding tasks and allows you to keep a follow-up log on the next course of action. Be updated with the latest action needed and never miss out on executing that action especially when juggling multiple leads at a time.

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