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Equipment Servicing Management


equipment servicing ERP System - Equipment Servicing Management

Synergix Equipment Servicing Management ERP System helps companies to sharpen operational effectiveness in the servicing industry. From providing online scheduler, checklist and tracking of machines for servicing, all these can easily be done on Synergix ERP System. This reduces the risk of missing out any equipment that requires attention. Approval features are integrated to ensure quality services are provided to all your customers. Lastly, detailed reports can easily be generated for management analysis.

Equipment Maintenance Management

Your equipment and machines are probably one key asset to ensure the smooth running of your operations. Synergix ERP System ensures proper preventive maintenance works and results in a longer lifespan of your expensive equipment and giving the service team a clear view of the servicing history records.

Get Maximum Usage From Your Equipment

Never miss equipment servicing as the Synergix Equipment Servicing Module will allow your company to service equipment owned by the company and its subsidiaries. Likewise, servicing for equipment owned by customers can also be tracked and is useful for companies doing equipment servicing as their business.

Know the Equipment Servicing Needed with a Summary Screen

Equipment Servicing records can be here and there but with the Synergix ERP System, all equipment servicing records can be saved and categorised. Different stages such as Draft, Active and History will help service planners and technicians alike to see pending tasks at hand while still being able to refer to history servicing records if needed.

Utilise Manpower for Equipment Servicing Efficiently Through Planning

Synergix ERP System will allow you to utilise your manpower better through the system as it will allow your company to plan and differentiate between services done in-house or services done by the external vendor which is useful in traceability of the servicing. In-house services can also be scheduled by day or by time range. In a calendar format, servicemen can be booked, and schedules can be viewed to avoid overbooking and overlaps.

Never Miss a Step While Servicing with Service Checklist

The Service Checklist in the Synergix ERP System will ensure that the engineer/technician had done all relevant required checking and is able to mark a tick against it. In case any comments are required, he can input against each checklist remark. The checklist will prevent engineer/technician from overlooking the important checking and only need to follow the checklist.

Ensure Quality Service with Equipment Servicing Approval

Servicing equipment must be made sure to be correct, efficient and properly oversee. Through the Synergix ERP System’s approval system, service performance forms filled in by serviceman can route to managers for approval before flowing to billing. Through this, managers can make sure that the servicing was done and charged properly to ensure better customer feedback.

Improve Equipment Servicing Time With Variance Analysis

Synergix ERP System supports tracking servicing done externally where the company can record information such as Supplier DO, DO Date and Completion Date. Recording of this information can be utilised to compare the actual hours used with the estimated hours quoted to your company. This will give you a variance figure which you can subsequently be used to improve the accuracy of the hours required before quoting the customer. This report can also be used to assess technician performance and to improve on the efficiency while lowering costs.

Track Your Spare Parts Usage and Correctly Charge Your Customers

With Synergix ERP System, if there are any items that need replacement, users can input them in the details tab and this will be linked to our Inventory which can track your spare parts usage. If it involved billing for the parts usage, based on the parts selection, the system will reflect the billing amount so that finance will be aware of the amount to be billed.

Improve Servicing and Customer Relationship with Better Documentation

Other features of Synergix ERP System, such as remarks and attachments, are available in the Equipment Servicing module to improve your customer relationship through better documentation. A centralised e-files depository for attachments such as photos and documents will allow the company to manage all the files associated with the service, so it’s more organised and allows for easy reference.

Improve Equipment Servicing Profits Through Prompt Customer Billing

All services done by your company or by a supplier can be tracked and posted where the system will auto-generate an invoice. Through this auto-generation, accounts can easily view all the billings to be sent out to the customers and suppliers without the need to run around getting them from the service department. Hence, turnaround time is improved and collection and payments can be done quicker and more accurately with Synergix ERP System.

Analyse Equipment Service Performance with Reports

The Synergix ERP System’s integration with Business Analytics tool will allow the company to generate servicing reports such as Service Performance Time Variance Report, Cost Report, Billing and Profit according to different servicing types and other reports that managers can utilise to improve their servicing and increase profits.

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