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Synergix Financial Management provides powerful financial management tools to aid your company in efficiently managing your finances and remaining compliant with IRAS regulations. Rationalise your financial views by gathering a segmented analysis for each of your business units with the Synergix ERP System. Alert your finance controller and salesperson should any orders are generated to ensure uncompromising cash inflow. Eliminate tedious and time-consuming consolidation of financial statements through the system. Other features include multi-currency capability, tax reporting tools, management of fiscal periods, contract entries, inter-bank transfer and cheque printing.

Rationalize Your Financial Views Through Flexible Segment Analysis

With Synergix ERP System, four segments can be defined in the system to represent your company’s various divisions or business units for which revenue and expenses will be allocated to. This feature provides you with an accurate picture of your company and provides you with a bird’s view of each of your business units.

Credit Terms Control and Alert For Uncompromised Cash Inflow

Synergix ERP System will alert your finance controller and salespersons should any order/deliveries are about to be generated for such customer. You are assured that your cash inflow is not compromised as every important condition and alert is built into Synergix ERP System.

Multi Currency For Your International Reach

Synergix ERP System supports multi-currency for both your customers and suppliers expanding all financial transactions. For example, cash receipts can be processed in a different currency than the outstanding invoices it is applied to. Exchange Gain/Loss will be automatically computed and shown right away for a real-time update.

Financial Report Writer For Your Special Requirements

Create and design your own financial statements according to your requirements with the Synergix ERP System. Reports such as Profit and Loss Statement (by segment analysis), Monthly and Year-To-Date Performance Reports, Actual vs. Budget Reports could be generated according to your format. With this feature, you can better monitor and analyse your financial position, and measure your present performance against the past performance.

Manage Your Receivables For Quicker Cash Flow

Synergix ERP System equips you with a receivables management system, which centralises all your customers’ accounts receivables information for instant access for you to follow up with the outstanding bills. Should you have a common customer amongst your subsidiaries, you can also perform a global view of all the outstanding invoices of this customer, across subsidiaries.

Credit Note Feature For Any Transactional Amendments

With Synergix ERP System, a Credit Note can be issued to customers for any returns or cancellations of services. You are given the option to apply the credit note immediately to any outstanding invoices or offset it against future invoices at a later stage.

Never Miss a Payment With Payment Suggestion

Synergix ERP System will suggest a list of outstanding payments that are due for more than X number of days definable by you. Upon selection of the ones you are going to make payment for, the system will auto-generate the payment vouchers accordingly. Synergix ERP System will then automatically generate a cheque number when a payment voucher is generated after making a payment suggestion. This will save you the time of filling in the cheque number in your payment voucher individually.

Perform Quick Adjustments With Contra Entries

Instead of doing cumbersome adjustments in both accounts receivables and payable modules, Synergix ERP System provides you a convenient way to offset outstanding invoices between customers and suppliers. Exchange Gain and Loss for foreign currencies will be automatically computed by the system.

Make Bank Reconciliation Easier Than Ever

Instead of doing the monthly printing out of your bank balances from your GL account, Synergix ERP System offers you a simpler way to reconcile your bank balances in the system by simply ticking out all transactions found on your statement. A summary containing all unmatched transactions can be easily viewed and summed up for easy reference. Unpresented cheques and cheques in advance will be kept in the system for the next round of reconciliation.

Consolidations for A Whole Financial Review of Your Company

Synergix ERP System Consolidation rids the tedious and time-consuming task of preparing your consolidated financial statements. No matter how widespread your business is, how many companies and chart of accounts you need to consolidate, you can entrust Synergix ERP System Consolidation to provide you with the up-to-date result. Different companies operating in different home currencies can also be consolidated and it takes care of the elimination entries automatically for receivables, payables, sales and inventories.

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