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Human Resource Management


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Synergix Human Resource ERP System aids you in managing human resources through e-timesheet with biometric integration, payroll and e-leave management. From a range of TMS Devices (such as fingerprint, iris scanning, card scanning), the company will be able to record employees’ clock in and out which can be used for more accurate manpower allocation and costs charged to projects. Furthermore, Synergix ERP system is compliant with CPF and IR8A regulations and allows the company to maintain employee payroll, extract CPF and tax forms, print payslips and generate reports. Lastly, enforce privacy through independent leave application and viewership, while improving turnover time through approval with email notification.

The system will let employees access and track their leave (annual, medical, unpaid etc.), as well as cater for any claims they have.

  • Timesheet with Biometrics
  • Payroll Management
  • E-leave Management
  • Staff Appraisal
  • e-Recruitment
Only in Singapore: Payroll System Linked to Project For More Accurate Cost Allocation

Synergix ERP System’s Payroll Module stands out from any independent Payroll and ERP System as it is the only system available in the Singapore market that integrates and allocates your employee’s payroll to your various projects. Using the system, your employees can clock in and out, record the job they are doing, the location and details of the project they are working on, and allocate the labour cost specifically for that project. This saves a lot of time, accurately allocates the project cost to the project and generates reports more conveniently.

Mobile Labour Clock In For Real Time Update of Clocking Information

With the Synergix ERP System, registration of workers can be easily done through the system either from the screen or a wide range of TMS devices including fingerprint, and iris scanning. Once the workers clock in at the site, the system will be able to track the employee codes and workers who clocked in, and the project they are working on immediately. Hence, there is no need to export data from the device and import it to the system, nor wait till month’s end to consolidate.

A Payroll Module That Conforms to IRAS Rules and Regulations

Synergix ERP System’s Payroll module conforms to IRAS Regulations and can be used to generate IR8A form, extract and export to a compatible format the CPF file and accurately track your employee’s CPF contribution and tax.

Comprehensive Payroll Reports For Your Better Analysis

With Synergix ERP System, Payslip for each employee can be generated anytime, forming a powerful database for the HR Department. Payslip summary details show the employee details, basic salary, overtime pay, deductions, claims, CPF details and donations and the final net wage. Payroll summary contribution by employees shows the contribution by employees. Foreign Worker levy summary, skill development fund, donation summary, by both employee number and donation code and worksheet summary, can be displayed by financial year, financial period or employee code, in PDF, Excel or RITF format.

Personalized E-Leave Applications with Email Notification For Approval

Through Synergix ERP System, leave application is made easier for the employees. Synergix ERP System’s Leave Application feature allows you to apply for leave online conveniently. All details, including the number of days/hours and the reason for the leaves can be traced by the employer when required. Managers can also log in to approve/reject leave applications with a click of a button. Online leave application status allows you to be quickly informed of the application outcome.

Keep Your Appraisal Process on Schedule with Alerts and Email Notification

Synergix ERP System will auto trigger review to appraisees on year end, three months before the contract ends or any date defined by users so that the appraisees can do the self-appraisal through the system. Users are also provided the flexibility to manually trigger the employee appraisal. Upon a new appraisal is triggered, appraisee will receive an email notification. If the appraisal has not been submitted, the system will send a reminder email to appraisees and his appraisers.

Multi-Level Appraisers For a More Thorough Review

The Synergix ERP System will record down each employee’s review officers in Employee Maintenance. Synergix ERP System caters for up to 3 levels of review officers as appraisers for each employee. After an employee submits self-review, the read-only contents will be routed to level 1 of review officer for review, comments, score and grade. Once he finishes and submits his portion, self-review and level 1 review will be routed to level 2 reviews as read-only. If anyone in the flow did not finish on time, HR will be able to see the review is at which pending level and under whom.

Link Your Appraisal Scores to Salary Increments

With Synergix ERP System, review score and grades will be integrated with bonus reviews and salary increment process. All employee appraisal score and grade will be listed in bonus review screen. Grade and bonus are pre maintained but freely modifiable through Synergix ERP System or export to excel. After bonus amount is finalised, HR can submit those entries so that payroll team will receive a respective pay out amount.

Improve Employee Proficiency With Trainings

With Synergix ERP System, all training initiated by the company can now be sent out to the employees. HR user can select a group of employees according to Employment Type, Designation, or any grouping and send course invitations to these employees. This helps in ensuring that the proper group of employees is given the right course invite. Employees can still request for a course if the invitation is not received and course links can also be disseminated.

Track Employee Growth

With Synergix ERP System, each employee’s spending on training/courses each year is displayed and can be accessed by the employee and the manager. They can also track their growth as well through the continuous Professional Development points to which the point system can be counted. Excess points can be carried forward to the next year as the employee continuously grows.

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