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manufacturing ERP Software - Production Management

Synergix Production Management ERP Solution is a highly competitive and comprehensive manufacturing ERP software solution.

Synergix ERP System is a powerful set of software applications that combines sophisticated business controls, intuitive navigation and multiple customisation tools with the flexibility and scalability of a world-class manufacturing ERP system.

It enables manufacturers to streamline their operationsimprove efficiency and maximize profitability.

One-Time Inventory BOM (Bill of Materials) Setup

With Synergix ERP System, all you need is a one-time data entry effort for any new inventory items to define the resources (manpower and work centers), material (together with their respective cost) and the various stages needed to produce your final product. Unlimited BOM formulae could be maintained and you could still track the different revisions of the BOM.

Featuring a tree structure of the BOM layout, at one glance, you would be able to view the multi-level BOM of the finished product and its intermediates.

Plan Your Production According To Demand

To achieve lean manufacturing, Synergix ERP System is designed to supply based on customers’ demands or the requirement to replenish stock. Hence, our Sales Order Entry and Forecast Entry are closely tied with the production planning module such that, only customers’ orders or forecasts will be directly sent for production planning. With all the records captured, you would be able to keep track of your production and keep your stock at the optimal level.

Material Requirement Planning

With Synergix ERP System Material Requirement Planning (MRP) your material planner will have more ease of material purchasing decisions as manual computation of material information would be eliminated. Synerigix ERP System consolidates demand from actual customers’ orders, back-order and minimum stock quantities, to give you a clear picture of the gross requirement needed for each period, and the real-time inventory status. It will then forecast the shortage of resources in warehouses, giving you the option of raising a Purchase Requisition immediately, right from the Material Resource Planning screen, followed by the routing for approval before Purchase Order release.

Machine Capacity Planning

Besides planning for your raw material, your machine facilities are equally important. In Synergix ERP System, you are able to plan by work center capacity such that the work orders will be allocated based on each work center’s capacity. Any manual changes could be done should there be an insertion of urgent orders.

A calendar view is also available for your planner to have clear visibility of your work center schedules.

Nesting Option To Increase Efficiency

For manufacturers who are looking to efficiently manufacture parts from the flat raw material, Synergix ERP System has a nesting feature which is designed to suggest to users, the optimal number of work orders that could be fulfilled with 1 sheet of raw material. Thus, this is could help in optimizing your raw material and prevent unnecessary wastage.

Stock Accountability

Having trouble accounting for your materials? Upon keying in the Work Order voucher number, system will pull out the list of material needed for production of finished goods. Furthermore, Synergix ERP System allows you to track who issued and who received materials, hence increasing the accountability of your items.

Variance Reporting

At the end of the day, your users would be able to capture the actual material usage, machine run time, overheads quantity, and accepted and rejected produced quantities in the Work Order Execution Screen. Hence, with this information entered into the system, variance reports (eg: Manufacturing cost variance report, Production variance report, etc.) could be generated from Synergix ERP System for your management to analyse the planned versus actual figures, and from there, improve the BOM formula to better attain optimal results.

Fully Integrated To Other Synergix System Modules

As part of the standard package, Synergix ERP System’s manufacturing modules are fully integrated into the sales (Sales quotation, Sales order), procurement (Purchase requisition, Purchase order), inventory control, logistics, and accounting modules (AP, AR, GL, Bank Book, Fixed Asset).

Vertical Add-Ons

Other modules outside our basic Synergix ERP System Manufacturing Solution which you could look to explore include:

  • Sub-Con Management
  • Machine Human Resource Planning
  • Customer Demand Forecast
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Barcode/RFID Integration

In need of more modules such as Financial Consolidation, Corporate Performance Budgeting, Cashflow projection and more for your business? Go to Vertical Modules.

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