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Project Costing Management


T8 Project Management - Project Costing Management

Ensure clear visibility of your project progress and financial information in real-time with Synergix Project Costing Management. This module is suitable for customers who are in project-based industries such as Building & Construction/ Installations, Design, and etc.

Synergix ERP System also accomplishes comprehensive billing requirements for project industries including Customer Progressive Certification and Claim, Sub-contractor Progressive Certification and Claim Management and retention billing tracking requirements. Resources availability is critical to a project’s success and it is, therefore, essential to utilise them efficiently. With a clear and detailed view of your resource capacities, Synergix Project Costing Management will allow effective resource management thus enhancing your company’s efficiency.

Synergix Project Costing Solution is designed to fit the unique requirements for your industries including:
Mobile Browser

Synergix ERP System allows Approving Managers and Job Site Supervisors to have access-on-the-go with their handheld devices with iOS and Android-compatible mobile browsers. Now they can raise requests, make approvals, monitor project status and track worker’s time any time on the work site.

Budget Estimation/Control

Synergix ERP System allows users to budget the related resource usage cost (including labor, outsourced service and material) in every phase/sub-phase of a project. Every cost incurred in the project will be counter-checked against the budgeted amount to ensure that the project cost does not overrun.

Auto-Computation Of Estimated Project Profitability

Synergix ERP System is used to avoid under-quoting or overbidding a project. By specifying the estimated resources required for a project, Synergix ERP system will compute the profitability and automatically generate the general profit level to help in making adjustments to each project’s bid amount.

eWorkflow Approval

Synergix ERP System supports budget revision where Project Quotations, Purchase Requests and Sub-Con payments can be routed to various managers for approval.

Accurate Cost Allocations To Project

Synergix ERP System can track various costs incurred in a project. Its e-Project Costing Solution accurately captures these costs by integrating procurement, time sheet, and employee claims modules.

Full Audit Trail for Project Variations

Synergix ERP System is able to track any changes made either as a change from the Original Contract or Variation Order in terms of addition or omission. It automatically updates these changes to other integrated modules and produces an audit trail to analyse these variations.

Inventory Planning

Synergix ERP System provides users with information of which date/time the materials needed for the project can be collected. This is very useful for project companies which produce their own materials for a particular job. The Project Resource Scheduler can allocate and capture manpower, inventories and services consumed for projects.

Project and Retention Billing Management

Synergix ERP System allows flexible billing methods to track all billings, retention and cost statuses, conforming to the Singapore Accounting Recognition standards. You can define and create a separate account billing for the retention amount. The retention amount will be tracked whenever you generate an invoice and set a fixed maximum retention figure allowed for a project. It automatically derives the retaining amount for each invoice and converts these same values into invoices upon project completion thus saving you a lot of time.

Vertical Add-Ons

Other modules outside our basic Synergix ERP Project Solution Suite which you could look to explore include:

  • Sub-Con Claims and Certification
  • Customer Claims and Certification
  • MRP Calculation
  • Payroll and e-Leave
  • Time Card System Integration
  • Barcode and RFID Integration

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