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Supply Chain Management


distribution ERP System - Supply Chain Management

Synergix Supply Chain Management ERP System offers a complete range of modules to give the company unrivaled capabilities specific to the trading and distribution industry.

Easily catering to operations concerning sales management, purchase management, logistics, inventory management, and finance.

Synergix ERP System offers cutting-edge trading & distribution features gleaned from companies in the know, for you to succeed in this highly competitive field. It is also fully integrated into operations including Customer Relationship Management, product configurator, warranty management, servicing management, and contract management.

Strong Inventory Tracking System With Standard Inventory Costing Method

Synergix ERP System allows multiple unlimited warehouses to be created and proper tracking of stock with various status, including the tracking of serial numbers, batch numbers of stock with conformance to standard accounting costing requirements for stock cost management.

Sales Quotation With Online Approval Workflow

With the ease of a web-based system, Synergix ERP System allows your salesperson to be productivity with a ready tool given to them to prepare and generate a sales quote to clients, anytime, anywhere. With online routing approval of sales quote, it ensures your company’s approval policy is met before any quotation is sent to clients.

Back-to-Back Order Management

With the confirmation of a sales quotation, converting into a sales order with a single click, Synergix ERP System also auto-generates a back-to-back order with either the creation of purchase requisition or purchase order.

Export Price Declaration

Companies dealing heavily in the export trade will find this feature extremely useful, Synergix ERP System is able to factor in the price information for custom’s declaration as well as pro forma invoice generation.

Stock Reservation Tracking

Synergix ERP System empowers users to immediately allocate the requisitioned item to an existing sales order. This ensures that back orders can be fulfilled on time and through tight integration of the purchasing/sales transactions ensures that all inventories that are purchased, has a destination and purpose upon receipt.

Supportive Of Various Pricelist Structures

Synergix ERP System’s Pricelist Flexibility ensures that you are able to quote clients in various manners. Quantity price breaks, pricelist by customers, by products etc are the few types available.

Full Purchase Workflow Process Inbuilt

Under Synergix ERP System, the approval system manages the purchase requisitions based on user defined criteria, requisitions are routed to different levels of approving managers based on certain rules.

Logistic Management Handling

In Synergix ERP System, there are options such as merge shipment, partial shipment, and delivery instruction management will ensure that delivery coordination doesn’t go wrong and that items are delivered according to client’s preference.

Flexible Billing Management

Synergix ERP System allows users to access various billing types, including advanced payment, progressive billing etc. With the ability to separate customer delivery address from the billing address, Synergix ERP System ensures that the correct party is sent to for each invoice.

Approval system manages the purchase requisitions based on user-defined criteria, requisitions are routed to different levels of approving managers based on certain rules.


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