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taskhub vertical extension 300x200 - Vertical ExtensionLooking for wider coverage of modules on top of the usual modules that are not easily found in any other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP System)?

Check out the following ERP software modules which we believe will be useful for you so that no single department is missed out on your automation process! Browse the list of available ERP software modules below for more detailed benefits your company can gain from Synergix ERP System.

Synergix Payroll and eLeave

Synergix ERP system, Payroll and eLeave is a part of Synergix ERP System that helps your company to enhance the performance of the human resources department. Below are some main features of Synergix ERP software, Payroll and eLeave Module:

  • Employees Details Management to centralise the storage of your employees’ information for HR.
  • CPF calculation is based on the latest CPF regulations for each employee with regular updates.
  • Worksheet entry to help work out payroll for employees not on monthly payments such as part-time workers.
  • Timesheet to capture the working hours of employees.
  • Deduction capturing such as unpaid leave deduction included during payroll processing, all in multi-currencies.
  • Self-service employees’ claims management for monthly claims such as transportation fees, mobile claims etc in multi-currencies.
  • Bonus capturing helps maintain a record of the amount of bonus each employee is entitled to by the order of employee, year, period the amount given and the reason
  • ePay-slip generated via Synergix ERP System payroll helps to eliminate paper printing.
  • E-leave management tracks the various types of leave entitlement for each employee.
  • Online leave application and approval help eliminate paper printing.
  • Auto-email alert to HOD for leave approval.
  • Online leave enquiry helps employees to manage and be aware of their leave balance.
Synergix Piece Rate Payroll

Synergix ERP System Piece Rate Payroll is specially created for scaffolding industries with multiple entities who need to translate the amount of scaffolding work done to that of payroll computation for her workers. Due to the complex nature of the scaffolding industry, it is thus imperative to have a proper tracking system that can seamlessly integrate your key operations to that of payroll matters.

Global Employee work group

We understand that the scaffolding industry is labour intensive and this may span across different entities under your corporate umbrella where you need to manage your employees and workers effectively.

  • Define your workers by the respective teams that they will be working in, across companies
  • Assign supervisor that will be in charge of each team
  • Perform employee transfer across work groups

Plank Rate Pricing Matrix

  • Define complex pricing matrix for the different categories of scaffold planks with quantity price break options
  • Have the option to segregate scaffold plank rates by erection or dismantle type

Scaffold Job Order Management

  • Easily translate daily job order information for billing and payroll computation
  • Manage drawing certification signatories with each job order form as supporting documents for customer billing

Piece Rate Payroll Matrix and global payroll computation

  • Define complex plank rate payroll matrix for each plank category as well as erection or dismantle types
  • Option for supervisor commission structure computation based on pay-rates due to each worker, per work group
  • Incorporate time-based and piece rate payroll for processing

Scaffold plank analysis

  • Clear visibility and comparison for erected vs dismantled planks for each job
  • Verification against job done versus plank payout

Asset movement and management

  • Manage the movement of your plank assets from the point of procurement, job order issue and recovery of planks upon completion of the job
  • Option for integration to RFID facility for greater ease of handling asset movement
Synergix Warranty and Repair

Key benefits:

  • Increase customer service response with an online repository for all customers’ warranty information.
  • Warranty registration to help capture information on goods sold to customers including serial number, product code, warranty validity period.
  • Input customers’ call enquiry and immediately check their warranty validity and log down their call complaints.
  • Auto-routing the complaints to the next party to determine the next step of action, whether to service, replace or quote.
  • Trace all past services performed to the product under warranty.
  • Integrated with Business Analytics for reports generation to help identify products failures, causes of warranty claim, warranty costs and solution to help improve product lines.
Synergix Maintenance Contract Module
Synergix ERP System Maintenance Contract module assists you in quoting your client and establishing contracts within the system so that you will have a systematic way to manage your maintenance contracts lifecycle as well as its billing management. Key benefits of Synergix Maintenance Contract Module:

  • Online quote generation to ease salesperson in churning out  both rental quotation and maintenance service quotations quickly that handles both operational assets rental and service coverage for maintenance
  • Online workflow management for internal quote approval routing management and upon quote approval, Synergix ERP system automatically generates the maintenance contract which contains all necessary details.
  • For operational assets rental business, you are able to  trigger Delivery Order for rental assets and monitor the whereabouts of each rented asset
  • Service Order generation for any upcoming ad-hoc or preventive scheduled services to pre-allocate technicians with job assignment. The technicians can make use of PDA to check their scheduled job and update job completion entry in real time at job site.
  • Lifecycle management for each of your customer’s maintenance contract so that you need not miss out any expired or going to expired contract for renewal opportunities.
  • Flexible maintenance contract billing option allows contracts to be tied to a specific billing schedule correctly with pro-rating of billing figures automatically computed by Synergix ERP System.
  • Full Audit Trail of maintenance contracts’ amendments without overriding previous version
  • Change Management easily achieved with a single “click” for contract renewal and termination.
Synergix Financial Consolidation

Synergix ERP System Financial Consolidation Module’s summarised benefits:

  • Global chart of accounts handling to map across different entities without the need to compromise each entity’s chart of account code setup preference.
  • Manage all your entities within single database
  • Import your subsidiaries’ data for consolidation regardless of which accounting software they use.
  • Inter-company transactions handling
  • Currencies translation takes care of the different home currencies for each subsidiary and converts it into the consolidated currency.
  • Minority interest handling where consolidation will be based on the minority interests, if any to be accounted for at the consolidated balance sheet, automatically within Synergix Financial Management.
  • Ad-hoc adjustment flexibility achieves via Synergix Financial Management.
Synergix Corporate Performance Budgeting

Synergix ERP System Corporate Performance Budgeting can help SMEs like your company to streamline operations with features below.

  • Online budgeting capability for anytime anywhere preparation.
  • User-role based enhances security where different levels of users will be given access to prepare budget according to their level of authorization.
  • Unlimited budget revision control allows budget revision without overriding the previous version for budget analysis and planning decision.
  • Email alert to ease communication where the approving officer can easily be alerted via email to view and authorize any revision. Approval matrix can be defined according to the value matrix.
  • Comment tracking to help approving officer to be informed on reasons that are in the mind of the planner for the way they planned budget.
  • Unlimited level of entities’ financial budgeting preparation.
  • Useful reporting output for analysis and presentation via Synergix Business Analytics.
Synergix Manufacturing Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Synergix ERP System Manufacturing Quality Assurance/Quality Control is a must-have module for manufacturers who want to minimise manufacturing failure rate, reduce production costs and therefore maximise profit margins. The module can help your company with:

  • Perform quality inspection for incoming and outgoing materials.
  • Raising of NCAR for incoming and outgoing inspection.
  • Useful information sharing such as preventive action and containment across departments.
  • Determine how to dispose of materials, whether to RTV, scrap or other venues during MRB.
  • Traceability of material origins when problems are discovered.
  • Useful reporting analysis such as Lot Acceptance report is available to help upkeep production quality.

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