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Government Grant Up to 80% Until September 2021. Click here to Learn More.

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Government Grants

Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

Eligible companies might get up to 70% funding from the government when tapping on these grants, and our consultants will be giving you the best assistance for the grant application process.

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why choose us?

One-Stop ERP Solutions Provider

Our dedicated team of more than 100 employees will assist you with your enquiries, and all the way to after-sales support

ERP System

Software customisation can be done to meet your most detailed requirements

ERP System
System Integration

Our ERP system can be integrated with other software such as POS, TMS …

ERP System
Mobile Solution

Have our ERP system accessible on your mobile devices browsers & mobile app

ERP Software solution
30 years of Experience

We are the largest local & principal system developer

ERP Software Solution
Cloud-based/ On-premise

Choose between hosting our system on cloud or on-premise

ERP Software Solution
Single Unified platform

We provide Single Unified platform for your company

PEPPOL E-Invoicing



PEPPOL ready solutions are solutions such as (for example) Accounting (AR and/or AP) and ERP system which are connected to the PEPPOL network where business users can initiate an e-invoice using PEPPOL E-Delivery. Synergix Technologies is offering this as a value-added service within our ERP System.