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Make your business Go Digital! (Reworked)


Synergix E1 is a web-based Project Solution suite that assists SME construction firms to move towards achieving Construction 4.0. Within a single integrated platform, it allows digital data, digital access, digital planning and connectivity.

Inbuilt with Mobile APP for digital workforce tracking that comes with Google GPS capability.

Integrated with Dropbox for digital project document filing via mobile tablets to support paperless organization of project documents.

Digital project certification to achieve paperless work.

Useful data dashboard available for business monitoring to ensure swift decision-making process and timely project performance tracking.


Poor organization of paper documents and lacking in digitization as construction sector still relies heavily on paper to manage their process and deliverables.

One good example will be their manual Project Site Progress Claim Reports. With a lack of digitization, such information is unable to be relayed in real time and with a lack of standardized formats, very often users from construction have to manually create many different project progressive claims formats to suit the requirement of individual consultant’s firms during their project claim. Tracking manually also will means there is a high probability users overlook the Project Claim Due Date and when that happens, they have to wait for 1 month later before they can submit their Progress Claim as their contracts will state upfront the month claim due date and will not entertain late claims. Such project revenue collection delay due to manual paper claim process in hurtful to the cashflow of construction firms. Photos taken to monitor site progress are captured and saved into thumbdrive/mobile phone and user have to copy out the image files manually back to company’s server network file server as well. Such extra work process does not value-add to company at all but yet has to be done to ensure the photos files are properly managed for project progress tracking.

Project Performance Issue: Lack of on time and on budget project completion

We been hearing news of recent major construction projects delay, this is often also caused by poor planning which in turn is a result of a lack of digital data tracking analytic. For any construction company, tight project cost control is crucial to ensure profitability and a healthy cashflow projection is key to ensure successful completion of any construction projects. Manual number crunching is a heavy part of their daily work but by the time data crunching completes, the result is already delayed. Construction sector is in strong need for data analytic across for corporate, project, department, supplier, subcontractor and individual employee performance analysis

Poor project manpower planning and projection. Manual Manpower Scheduling is now still taking place in construction sector.

Either they deploy manpower by drawing the schedule on whiteboard, or a piece of paper to pass to supervisor and team or through whatsapp group chat. Such method hinders smoothness and efficiency when there are changes to schedule. When there is a lack of good project planning, when it hits a point of under- resources, workers have to work extra OT which can compromise to certain degree their work safety as it may result in overstretching of workers. In addition, with Singapore government tightening the foreign labor inflow, improving labor efficiency is key.

Poor project planning due to lack of digital tool for tracking project material and equipment

But yet they are one of the most crucial elements to complete a construction project. Especially for construction equipment which are usually shared across multi- sites. How many construction firms are doing now is writing on a logbook paper update by supervisor whom then pass the logbook back to backend office for them to re-update into an excel file (refer below table as an example reference). It’s up to the supervisor to update accurately and sometimes, handwritten notes are not clear or they update wrong serial number etc will lead to wrong data update. Subsequently, when they are not able to easily trace their equipment at site, it may lead to unnecessary project delays.


To provide new opportunities to address the challenges of our local SME construction firms, we offer a digital solution that disrupt this traditional industry. Via our Synergix E1 Project Costing Solution Suite is web-based and portable for project team at jobsites. Frontline project team members can easily communicate in a paperless manner with backend office operation team to ensure smooth project collaboration between frontline and backend team.

Whenever user utilizes an equipment for their project, the system will trace the equipment Serial Number, Date, Duration at project job site. Whoever needs to track will be able to view for an online checking of the equipment available for use on their project. With an effective equipment planning in place, a company can much better project if they need to buy more equipment to handle project upcoming workload or they are better off by just temporary renting equipment from a subcontractor. For scalability and inter-operability objective reason, our solution can integrate with ANY RFID devices should any construction SME intend to adopt a RFID program.

With an online calendar which is integrated with the planning of the project, project planner can check which employee is available for jobs scheduling without worry over error planning. With the information readily available digitally, management can also perform manpower planning not only for ongoing projects but also the projection of future manpower requirements to ensure sufficient headcounts to run and manage their new tender projects. Within the system, each employees’ certified skills and endorsed certificate are also pre-recorded within the system with tracking of certificate expiry so that workforce can attend the course on time for certificate renewal, essential for the carrying out of project works.

to allow e-tracking of workers’ mobile whereabout, including the GPS location, job site of attendance and timing of site work. Facial recognition capability strengthens project site security, disallowing unauthorized access.

The system can allow QS users to prepare an online progress claim for their company to the customers/main contractor. Before the progress claim is sent to client/main contractor, it will support e-workflow approval for internal verification and justification validation before an e-copy of the progress claim letter and progress claim reports will be auto-churn out from system for sending out. Upon receiving payment response from the client, certification information will then auto-convert into an e-Project progress Invoice for emailing out to the client. For a sample, please refer to our attached sample file for your review reference.

Project users are required to prepare project progress reports which include photos of “before” and “after” to prove the progress claim. Our solution is integrated with Dropbox such that through the use of mobile devices, project site users can take photos of work done and it will auto-synchronize to our backend program for e-file repository storing for that particular project automatically which is transparent to the user. Backend operation team such as the QS who is responsible for preparing the progress claim will be able to immediately retrieved the photos for claim preparation work.

QS can generate a Subcontractor Contract to record the scope of work and contract value to the subcontractor. A softcopy file will be auto-generated and emailed to the subcontractor whom can simply follow the file for updating their progress claim and email the softcopy back such that QS users will have an easier way to certify their claims. Similarly, it will support e-workflow approval for internal certification before system auto-generates a Subcontractor Payment Response form. This helps construction firm to reduce paperwork and system will trigger e-alert to remind them of the Subcontractor Certification that is due to ensure they conform to BCA SOP ACT within 21 days. Such procedure minimizes paper trail dispute between contractors and subcontractors. With a swift paperwork clearance, all parties get paid promptly, thus helping all parties to achieve better cash flow management.

available helps improve project visibility for risk control. Project Manager can configure budgets for their project and each time, project users raise material requisition or incur any cost relating to project, system will auto-track and accumulates the costs and start alerting if the budget had hit or going to hit threshold. Effective auto-cost control coupled with certified invoice (Revenue for construction firm) monitored digitally, it helps to ensure project managers have easier way of monitoring project cashflow projection, thus helping corporate to ensure a best possible healthy cashflow can be achieved to ensure successful completion of project.

In order to ensure construction project complete smoothly on time and within budget, you need to know what’s happening to your projects now and what will happen moving forward. The volume of data generated during a construction project is huge and hard to manage manually. Thus, the availability of digital dashboard leverage on the project data consolidated are presented right to your desktop daily in real time. Each dashboard is personalized to each department, each user according to their needs at work. Such real-time dashboard pushed to users shall keep them alerted and the time saved in manual reporting can allow them to value-add by focusing on strategic analyze on how to overcome challenges/issues review improvement for their projects and at corporate level.


What productivity gain is expected if successfully implemented?

1. Elimination of manual reports preparation process with digital data collection, saving at least 1-2 working days of productivity per department, closed to 99% improvement on report data preparation

2. 60% reduction in cost and time for project progress claim and certification procedure with paperless procedure

3. 70% cost saving expected for manpower resource planning as its expected to reduce from 1⁄2 man-day to 1-hour effort daily.

4. 50% improvement in productivity on labor manpower tracking with mobile biometric attendance capturing at project site

How will your solution transform / change the business (e.g. business workflow, operating model, etc.)

1. Digital data collection and analysis will help construction firm to achieve real-time sharing of information to smoothen project collaboration, better project control, and risk management

2. Achieving digital collaboration by moving to paperless from office HQ to project multi-job sites

3. Mobility achieved for projects collaboration across multiple job sites/geographically dispersed location especially with low-cost mobile connectivity in Singapore with tablets readily available. This makes it commercially viable for adoption among SME.

4. Achieved automated workflow for review and approval

5. Digital tracking of project equipment, site materials and project workforce which forms the key factors for project progress.

How will the sector be transformed?

1. Improve project processes and deliverables across entire value chain

2. Achieved greater visibility on project risk to reduce negative impact
to individual company which in turn ensures reduced risk of project
delay due to the failure of any parties within each construction project.

3. Allowing faster quality report outputs with reduced inefficient paperwork during cross-reporting for project progress among contractors and subcontractors.

Is your solution market-ready?

Yes. SME definition of less than 200 employees we have around 60 SME proven clients in Singapore, excluding the computation of their subsidiaries whom are also using our program.

List a sample of at least 5 existing customers (for ready solution vendor)

1. Guan Ho Construction Pte Ltd
2. EDZ Interior Pte Ltd
3. Ley Choon Construction Pte Ltd
4. Sanchoon Construction Pte Ltd
5. Feng Ming Construction Pte Ltd


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