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3 crucial questions to ask your ERP system vendor prior to go-live

Year 2016
March 2016
3 crucial questions to ask your ERP system vendor prior to go-live
15 Mar 2016

So you were convinced with the idea of implementing an ERP system for your organization and you’re already halfway through it. Fair enough. As useful as ERP software is, their implementation not always go as expected. A little bit turbulence always finds it’s way during implementation. Delayed implementation, more costs, and operational disruptions at the time of go-live are a few of the disturbances that would come along with the benefits that ERP System offers.

However, if the cards are played right, an organization might fight back with these disruptions and disturbances at the time of go-live. Ask your ERP system vendor a few tough questions that would help you mitigate the risk of go-live disruption.

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Let’s talk about the three such tough questions that you should always ask your ERP software vendor before you give him the heads up for implementation.

1. So is it in proper alignment with our business?

Yes, your ERP System vendor has it all perfect and functional. Your ERP software is working fine, but is it working the way you wanted? Is it working as per the needs of your business? While the proposed ERP system might be in line with the expected technical configuration with no technical glitches, but it is essential that you ensure it is properly aligned with your business operations and processes. The majority of the ERP system is robust and flexible, it is thus important that you define the proper road map as to how the ERP system will fit your business requirements best.

2. Are our employees on the same page as the ERP system? Are they trained on new business processes and would be able to cope up with the changed environment?

ERP System simply won’t be able to do any good until and unless the organization has equally complementing employees and trained staff capable of fetching the best out of ERP system. Make sense? While boilerplate training material provided by a majority of the ERP system vendors might seem like the easiest way to train employees for various organizations, it is for sure that the documents alone won’t be enough. Undoubtedly, they are the strong starting points, but they for sure won’t be in line with your industry and employees. If you have not taken a chunk of time out, especially to train your employees as a part of change management plan, you perhaps are still not ready to go-live!

3. Are we settling down being ready for some potential issues?

There have been delays which are sure to cost you more. But, is it still better than settling down for a version of ERP system that could invite the consequences that may come? Such decisions are extremely risky and should be avoided at all cost. It is always better to handle the delays rather than to settle for an unhealthy reason that might cost you even more in the long run.


A new ERP software implementation risk can never be totally eliminated, there always are a number of things that you can do on your side to reduce the disruption that it might invite to your business.

We, Synergix Technologies a Singapore ERP system vendor who is always a step ahead and make sure that there are minimal disruptions. We believe in taking proper mitigating measures ahead of any expected disruption rather than just doing it!