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3 Vital Features of Manufacturing ERP system

Year 2017
September 2017
3 Vital Features of Manufacturing ERP system
22 Sep 2017

manufacturing ERP System 3 - 3 Vital Features of Manufacturing ERP systemLooking for an ERP system for your manufacturing company? Look out for these 3 features to help you further narrow your choices to the Synergix E1 Manufacturing ERP System.

Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Having an ERP software that is mobile friendly is a huge improvement to your workforce. They are no longer bound by the constraints of the work desk and can start doing real work on their very own mobile device. Especially useful for salespersons and similar roles that require them to be out of office, allowing them to process sales orders, receive a purchase order, initiate billing, etc on the go as they travel. This aspect will speed up deals and increase the potential for closing sales.

Flexible Report generation
Getting the information you need to make an educated and sound decision is vital for every business operation. A manufacturing ERP should be optimized to allows reports to be customized and reflect the customer’s desired format and information. Common reports such as BOM, Manufacturing production variance report, production process flow report, QAQC should be part of the few reports that needs to be generated.

Fully integrated
Purchasing an ERP system is a costly investment, this purchase decision can quickly turn sour if there are obvious business operation gaps that the system did not cover. This miscalculation can be prevented when companies and vendors do a thorough system analysis and identify what the business needs and provide customized solutions to cover it. Rather than purchasing standard out of the shelve systems that cover a general usage, a customized solution will prove to be worth its investment in a long run.

Countless out-of-the-shelve system resellers are out in the market now, thus choosing a reputable system provider that can provide solution and customization to your business needs beneficial to your business.