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4 Key ERP Features That Benefit Your Business The Most

Year 2021
April 2021
4 Key ERP Features That Benefit Your Business The Most
30 Apr 2021

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Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP system) has been a daunting management solution in a variety of industries. With a reasonable implementation cost, many businesses can fully get support with a package of ERP system’s outstanding attributes. In this article, we would like to draw out 4 key ERP features that can supremely benefit businesses on the journey of growth.

1. Automation

These days, many large manufacturing companies decide to take steps on paperless as well as optimize traditional business processes by implementing an automated ERP solution. With the help of ERP software, companies can make the data readily accessible to employees who need to perform tasks or automate bulky business runs. For example, an ERP system can help companies auto-computing the total salary for employees with the use of human resource management module. Therefore, the HR department does not need to spend time checking on spreadsheets to manually calculate the OT time or the number of actual man-days for company staff.

Additionally, automating business processes can also help reduce fatal human error. When company employees have to spend most of their day on tedious tasks, they’re bound to make unexpected mistakes. With this automation feature, data will be sent from one part of the system to another one without any possible chance of manual error.

2. Scalability

Scalability refers to the software’s capacity to adapt to the changing workloads and business growth and is also the vital one amongst the 4 key ERP features. An ERP software with strong flexibility is a must-have as it can expand in order to meet the needed requirements when business matures. This feature potentially creates a considerably greater data storage space to take on growing business datasets. Combining with automation function, it will simplify customization while still allows companies to manipulate the most advanced technologies at the same time.

data solutions - 4 Key ERP Features That Benefit Your Business The Most

In addition, modern ERP solutions nowadays are integrated with multiple modules that cover a wide range of requirements, from accounting, production planning to supply chain management. At the growing point, whenever there is a need of adding a new revenue channel, companies can simply add another module in the system to manage later changes. This will allow companies to control business operations in one unified system.   

3. Integration

The integration feature is of the most significance that businesses can not miss. ERP systems are able to gather all data and information from different software into one unified platform for business analysis. It is for this reason that enterprises are increasingly chosing to integrate some of their separate software with an ERP system to simplify the operational workflows.

In specific, ERP solutions can be integrated with different standalone systems such as POS, TMS, OCR or Barcode Scanners. Let take POS as an example. POS system is supposed to help businesses keep up with sales transactions. However, it can not provide companies a general overview of the whole process regarding the inventory, supply chain, distribution management or forecasting. Therefore, combining POS with the ERP system will help minimise these limitations and maximise productivity as a result.

4. Reporting

Reporting capability is the fourth factor in the 4 key ERP features. It is considered as the tool that help convey data analysis to companies. Usually, these reports can be exported out into a graphical manner with customisable dashboard, basic charts and other visual components for financial report presentation.

Synergix ERP software comes with over 500 standard reports and in addition, users can make use of our Optional Business Analytic module to generate any ad-hoc report in real-time. Companies will be able to perform various actions from drag & drop, group and sort, filter by criteria to design their own report layout. Users can also schedule these reports to be auto-emailed to the top management according to the scheduled time interval. As such, the company’s managers can have an in-time update on their business performance and make the informed decisions whenever needed.

To support businesses in digitalization, Singapore Government has extended the support for Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) until March 2022. As Synergix Technologies has been recognized as the pre-approval vendor of PSG grant, any eligible companies that adopt Synergix ERP software can get a chance to receive a funding of up to 80% of the qualifying cost. There is also another available grant called Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). for companies to tap on in order to minimize the net cash impact.

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