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4 tips to select a good Leave Management system

Year 2017
April 2017
4 tips to select a good Leave Management system
28 Apr 2017

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With many employees in your company, managing the huge number of leave requests might be a challenging task. There are different plans specific to these leaves and policies. Besides, there are several calculations involved for leave accrual as well. Now, it becomes difficult to manage even with the help of proper resource planning systems.

A certain level of automation is possible for managing leaves, but those might not suit your company policies well. A good management system is needed to smoothly take care of all your employees’ leaves. Here are some pointers that an efficient leave management system should have to help you manage the leave requests of your employees.

When engaging your ERP software provider, you can run through the leave plan details specific to your organization and allow your ERP software consultants to advise and configure the system to your needs. There are certain details that will be required to be inserted in order to get the process started. Here are a few of the important points:

  1. The different types of leaves provided by the company should be added to the system. Some of these include:
    1. Annual Leave
    2. Urgent Leave
    3. Unpaid Leave
    4. Childcare Leave
    5. Extended Childcare Leave
    6. Maternity Leave
    7. Paternity Leave
    8. Compassionate Leave
    9. Medical Leave
    10. Hospitalization Leave

There might be other kinds of leaves offered by the company as well.

  1. The leave management system is capable of carrying forward leaves, including a cap on the maximum number of days that can be carried forward and validity period of those leaves.
  2. Waiting periods are important in the leave management system including the special leave policies for newly recruited employees and part-time These are automated to facilitate easy workflows. The system can also provide a cut-off date for on-earn leave for anyone who joins after 15th of the month will not earn leave for that particular month.
  3. Auto-routing approval system, approval of leaves can be auto-routed to approving officers to approve and they will receive email notification for their approving action. This can be set to multiple levels in case 1 of the approving officer is also not available to approve leaves at the current moment.

Once you have inserted all of this information into the system, the software will now work on its own to keep records of all the leaves and the necessary calculations to follow. This will save the time for payroll, human resource and employees to extract data history and do the computation of leaves. This makes leave requests easier to handle for all parties involved.

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