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5 Effective Tips To Improve Businesses’ Efficiency Using ERP System

Year 2021
August 2021
5 Effective Tips To Improve Businesses’ Efficiency Using ERP System
03 Aug 2021

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system used by organizations to manage their business processes. Nowadays, companies of all sizes, from SMEs to MNCs, have embarked on the digitization journey in order to become more streamlined, prompting them to implement an ERP system. Adopting one is no longer unusual in recent years, as an ERP system is now necessary for long-term growth. Here are 5 tips for improving businesses’ efficiency using ERP software.

A customisable ERP solution

Nowadays, facing up the pandemic crisis requires companies to have a revolution in all business operations in order to refresh and grow. To meet the specific demands of businesses, it is recommended to adopt a customisable ERP system such as Synergix ERP solution. As a leading ERP vendor, Synergix developers can flexibly adjust the system to match the businesses’ needs. This makes organizations become more agile to adapt better to volatility.

Real-time visibility

Having too much paper can lead to blunders due to document loss, misfiling, or misinterpretation. By storing all data in a centralized platform, ERP system helps organizations to go paperless to save time and reduce human errors. Real-time visibility enables users to get access to inquiries and available documents at anywhere and anytime. With the most up-to-date information, users also can check for document revisions and save multiple versions.

Efficient financial management

From the end of 2019 to the present, the Covid-19 outbreak has had such a negative impact on all enterprises that several of them are piled up with huge debts. However, with an ERP system, companies are able to respond to sudden changes and flexibly maintain processes under efficient operation. The system could also examine the effects of the adjustments on inventory or cash flow. As a result, managers can analyze their budgets and make informed decisions based on reliable and real-time data.

Strategic planning

ERP systems allow managers to gain immediate access to important documents and provide an overview of the big data, which may help them make better decisions for companies’ future plans. Synergix Business Analytics feature assists companies in analyzing their business to obtain a better understanding and make fast and critical decisions. As a result, managers can build a proper strategy in order to develop their businesses. It can be seen that implementing an ERP solution can be a fruitful investment which is worth every penny.

Elimination of superfluous processes

Many functions and processes are consolidated into one platform with an integrated ERP system. Thereby, workers may spend less time doing redundant tasks, transferring between platforms, tracking down invoices and payments, etc. Thanks to automation feature, many organizations now can reallocate employees to higher-level activities, which leads to higher revenue. In other words, employees will have more time to focus on more vital tasks as routine activities become faster and easier.

Government Grant

The Singapore Government has raised the maximum support for Productivity Solution Grant (PSG), which offers up to 80% funding, to encourage enterprises to join in the digitalization journey There are also additional grants available such as the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), to help businesses reduce the net cash impact.

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