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5 Signs Your Business Needs an ERP System

Year 2016
July 2016
5 Signs Your Business Needs an ERP System
25 Jul 2016

ERP tag cloud Infograph - 5 Signs Your Business Needs an ERP SystemAlthough there is no mandatory set of rules which define if a manufacturing company is completely ready for an implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, when a business is facing planning restraints, a fully-integrated ERP system can actually solve a lot of problems that are associated with the company and help you in making your business a success as it continues growing.

We bring you five important signs which can tell you that your business is prepared to implement a new ERP System.

1) You make use of different kinds of software for various purposes in the company.

If you have an accounting team which using a different software than your sales team, for example, if filling and taking an order goes through different systems, your company is not actually running as efficiently as it can otherwise be. In our experience, updating all the company software concurrently could be a tough job and result in lost data. With a fully integrated ERP System, various business functions could be integrated and the entire business will have accessibility to the updated data. Your business will become more profitable and productive as a result of its increased efficiency.

2) Your business information is difficult to access for various reasons.

Keying in the data and using spreadsheets will definitely collate the data but an ERP System does it automatically by generating data such as the particular details of the customer, sales margins, and even the payment history. If proper information is entered into the ERP system, it would quickly generate vital information as frequently as you would like, due to the more sophisticated search functions.

3) Accounting is time-consuming.

An ERP System makes sure that your accounting staff would not waste time entering the same information in various databases. With an ERP System, financial reports will be more precise and more conveniently generated.

4) Customer experience is not optimal.

If your customer calls up to check on their product order and your employees are unable to give them a definite answer as to whether the item is on its way, under processing, or out of stock, it is time to implement an ERP system. When you implement an ERP System, every employee will have accessibility to reliable and consistent information, enabling them to have a bird’s eye view of your clients’ product information and status.

5) The IT system you have is very complex.

Do you have an entire team of IT personnel who cannot keep up their pace with the various systems that are conducting various functions of your business? Then it is definitely the right time for you to go for the implementation of an integrated ERP System. By doing so, you will be lightening the load on the IT personnel and also eliminate the necessity for frequent software updates.

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