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6 Key Benefits of an ERP Software for the Construction Industry

Year 2021
January 2021
6 Key Benefits of an ERP Software for the Construction Industry
21 Jan 2021

Benefits of ERP software Construction industry - 6 Key Benefits of an ERP Software for the Construction Industry

Over 150 companies in the construction industry such as Ley Choon Group, Woh Hup, Guan Ho Construction, BHCC Construction, Feng Ming Construction, DLE M&E, and Obayashi Singapore have implemented Synergix ERP software to streamline their business processes. Conforming to the local IRAS and MOM regulations, our fully integrated ERP system allows construction companies to handle project costing, project budget control, progressive billing, subcon claim and certification, customer claim and certification, procurement, finance, payroll, e-leave, and timesheet on a single platform.

Read on to learn more details on the top 6 benefits of an ERP software for the construction industry.

1. Comprehensive Project Costing Management

With a proper ERP system in place, project managers will be able to track their project budget, profit and loss, and the actual cost in real-time, be it for the whole project or each scope of work. Major cost components such as subcontractor cost, project labor cost, overhead cost, and material cost will not be left out. Should there be any cost that you wish to allocate and charge to the respective project, users are also able to record it in the software.

2. Facilitating Construction Claim & Certification Process

Synergix ERP software helps users to keep track of all sub-con contracts and the number of claims till date made by sub-cons with a signed LOA. To speed up the process of certifying the sub-con claims, users can use the import and export function where users can indicate the claim format that users want the sub-cons to claim. The system allows users to indicate the back-charge details automatically once the claim is approved while at the same time ensuring no back-charge invoice to a subcontractor is overlooked which can eat into the cost of the project unknowingly if left unnoticed as well.

3. GPS Timesheet Management Integrated to Payroll

Synergix Human Resource module contains Biometric TMS (Timesheet management system) that allows you to keep track of the workers’ clock in/out via mobile devices (Facial Recognition) at different job sites. It comes with an in-built­­ google GPS which reduces possible disputes with your workers over their attendance validity. In addition to that, there is also a geofencing feature whereby your workers are only allowed to clock in/out from a certain distance of the job site, and the certain distance can be pre-determined by your company. For weekly timesheets, this allows you to record normal and OT hours an employee has worked for a project in a week and the software will charge this cost to that specific project.

Once the e-timesheet of your workers is approved in our system, they are then automatically routed to the HR team for payroll processing and workers’ actual salary will be charged out to the projects they worked on respectively.

4. Retention Billing Management

Synergix software allows you to define the retention amount and a separate account for the retention amount that has yet to be billed. The retention amount will be tracked whenever you generate an invoice and users can even set a fixed maximum retention figure allowed for a project. Such an automated process will save you from the tedious process of deriving the amount to be retained for each invoice. Subsequently, you are able to convert these retained values into invoices upon project completion.

5. Mobile Features

In a project-nature business, your employees might always be at different sites. Thus, mobile device features are especially helpful to them in order to speed up their operations and reporting as all the information can be sync to the back-end ERP software in real-time. Site users such as the Project Manager or Site Supervisor will inform the QS how much work has been done. Hence, Synergix has released a mobile web application which allows site users to record the daily tasks or activities that they plan to do or have completed. For each task, there is a photo attachment feature whereby users can easily snap photos and attach to it. QS can then easily review the tasks/activities for each scope of work and submit the progressive claim to the client. On the other hand, the management can also base on the tasks/activities completed by each user to measure their KPI and output.

6. Real-Time Reports and Information

At the end of the day, the management would require reports to know the performance of the company. Our ERP software comes with over 500 standard reports and in addition, you can make use of our optional Business Analytic module to generate any ad-hoc report in real-time. You will be able to drag and drop, group and sort, filter by criteria to design your report layout. Reports can then be scheduled to be auto-emailed to the management based on your scheduled time interval. These reports can also be exported out into a graphical manner for financial report presentation.


To encourage SMEs to embark on their business digitalization journey, the Singapore government has introduced several grants and subsidies for SMEs to tap on such as Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), E-Invoicing Registration Grant (ERG).

As a PSG pre-approved vendor, eligible SMEs who purchase Synergix ERP software can tap on government grants of up to 80% of the qualifying cost.

Should you be interested in adopting ERP solutions for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation!

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