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Top 6 Questions ERP Software Vendors Always Ask

Year 2019
July 2019
Top 6 Questions ERP Software Vendors Always Ask
15 Jul 2019

Top 6 questions erp software vendors always ask 1 - Top 6 Questions ERP Software Vendors Always Ask

Before implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning software, companies often need to go through the sourcing process in order to engage with the right vendor, which requires great effort and planning as there are quite a lot of ERP software vendors in the market with different offerings. To provide assistance in this process, we have listed down the questions that are often asked by ERP software vendors so that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) can research and list down their requirements before talking to a vendor while also understanding key deliverables and objectives of driving the project.

1. What industry are you in?

The first and foremost question ERP suppliers have to know is what field are you in. ERP Systems are often developed based on requirements and specifications of different business sectors. Depending on each specific industry, ERP vendor will have their tailored modules compatible with functions or requirements of that industry.

Synergix Technologies is an ERP vendor which provides fully-integrated and customisable ERP Solution packages designed for various industries. Our ERP system covers industry-specific Suites such as Building & Construction, Wholesale & Distribution, Manufacturing, Financial Management, Field Service Management, Marine Engineering, Waste Management, Human Resource Management and more.

For instance, Synergix E1 Project Management Suite is tailored to the construction industry in Singapore. The Enterprise Resource Planning package covers the entire business process for construction companies from the project tendering stage to customer and subcontractor claim. In addition, it also allows businesses to track project costs, certification, purchasing and streamline the information flow among different offices with real time dashboard notifications and inbuilt workflow automation.

2. Are you using any software right now?

This is one of the important questions that ERP vendors will normally ask to get a better understanding of a company’s current situation. Many companies might still be using excel spreadsheets to store information or record expenditures and they might also be using an outdated accounting software which no longer complies with the new accounting regulations. Thus, having a foundation about the current situation of a company helps ERP providers in defining bottlenecks in the operational process of a company in order to resolve these problems.

3. What are your requirements for the new ERP system?

Before having a discussion with ERP vendors, companies should also outline all the functions that is required or preferred in their new ERP system. This is of the utmost importance because ERP vendors will use these requirements as key elements to customise the ERP software demo for businesses. The better businesses know what they are looking for in the new ERP system, the better ERP vendors can satisfy the requirements.

4. What is the timeline for ERP system implementation?

Most companies who do not have an ERP system in place are often unaware that the system implementation cannot be done within a day, or even a month. It easily takes at least 6 months for a standard ERP system to be implemented, and up to 1 year to implement an ERP software with customization. Having a realistic timeline to implement the system will be helpful for companies as time is needed for discussion, system deployment, data migration, training process, trial run, and live run. Hence, if a company plans to have an ERP system in place in June the following year, it is best to start sourcing for a vendor in July or August this year.

5. What is the budget for the entire project?

Implementing an ERP System is a significant investment but it will be a well-justified one as it integrates different parts of a business into one database. Therefore, having a clear budget in mind on the will be the guidance to find the best-suited software for your company.

6. Are you interested in/ eligible for Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)?

With various grants offered by the Singapore government such as the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), SMEs who meet the requirements will be able to receive up to 70% funding from the government to keep their cost affordable.

As the leading ERP vendor in Singapore with experience in the grant application process, Synergix Technologies will assist their clients in applying for various government grants.

Contact us today to get a free consultation on Singapore Government Grants and embrace digital transformation with Synergix E1 ERP System!


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