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Key Benefits of ERP Marine Management Software

Year 2024
May 2024
Key Benefits of ERP Marine Management Software
15 May 2024

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Do you know that according to a recent Marine Digital report (November 14, 2023), many marine engineering businesses plan to adopt digital solutions within next few years? This surge in digitalisation reflects the growing need for efficient and streamlined operations in the ever-demanding world of marine engineering. And Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) marine management software acts as a central hub, integrating essential functionalities across your entire marine organisation. By leveraging ERP Marine Management Software, marine engineering companies can unlock a lot of benefits that can help them to be more successful. Now, we’ll figure out the key advantages of implementing ERP Marine Management Software.

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Understanding ERP Marine Management Software

What is ERP Marine Management Software?

ERP Marine Management Software is a system that connects all departments in your marine engineering business together. This allows for easy information sharing and helps managers make quick decisions based on real data. It also helps with accurate cost forecasting and project management with support of Cost Forecast, Cost Management, Procurement and HR Timesheet. 

Key Features of ERP Marine Management Software

  • Project Costing: Synergix Project Costing in ERP marine management software allows users to budget the related resource usage cost (including service and inventories’ related costing items) in every phase/sub-phase of a project. Project costs will be constantly monitored against the budget to keep spending in check. 
  • Project Timesheet: It allows each engineer to create their timesheet weekly. These office staff or engineers will indicate which project they are working on in that week. Then managers can base on that and track employee work hours.
  • WIP Monitoring: With Work in Progress, all materials, labor and outwork are recorded in the system and additional costs can also be included in the cost. Companies, therefore, can control material and operational costs, and plan production schedules for all ongoing projects.
  • Project Progressive Billing: It assists to monitor the billing milestone for each project. Accurate data entry ensures timely triggering of progressive billing for each project phase and reduces the time gap wasted between delivery and receivables.  
  • Accounting Modules: All modules will connect seamlessly to the Accounts department, empowering the finance team to leverage AR, AP, GL, BB and Fixed Assets within a unified system.  Synergix Accounting module is registered with IRAS, and it conforms to Singapore accounting regulations like Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 606.

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Challenges in Marine Management

The marine engineering industry navigates a complex set of challenges. Tight budgets, project delays, and workforce management can all threaten profitability. Here’s where Marine Engineering ERP software comes to the rescue: 

  • Cost Control Chaos: ERP software tackles cost overruns with real-time project financials, allowing for proactive adjustments and resource optimisation. 
  • Project Delays: Streamlined WIP management ensures clear visibility into project progress, facilitating bottleneck identification and timely course correction. 
  • Workforce Challenges: Biometric attendance tracking and integrated timesheets empower accurate payroll processing and efficient workforce management. 

Challenges in Marine Management - Key Benefits of ERP Marine Management Software

Key benefits of ERP Marine Management Software 

Budget, Cost and Finance Management

Marine Engineering ERP software shines a light on project finances. It tracks expenditures in real-time, pulling data from various sources like material costs, labor hours, and miscellaneous expenses. This comprehensive view allows you to pinpoint exactly where your money goes. With all costs meticulously allocated to specific projects, you can identify cost overruns early and make informed decisions to optimise resource allocation. No more flying blind – ERP software equips you with the financial transparency needed to keep projects on track and within budget. 

WIP Management and Project Delivery

Marine Engineering ERP software goes beyond simply tracking costs. It integrates seamlessly with Work-in-Progress (WIP) management, giving you a holistic view of project finances. You can monitor cumulative billed amounts, track project retention levels, and manage down payments – all within the same platform.  

If your team are empowered with real-time financial insights, they can make data-driven decisions to optimise project budgets, identify areas for cost savings, and ensure successful project completion. But that’s not all. The software automates repetitive tasks like material requisitions, progress reports, and data entry. This frees up valuable resources for what truly matters: focusing on core project activities. 

Personnel Management

Marine Engineering ERP software simplifies personnel management with innovative tools. Biometric Time Management Systems (TMS) paired with GPS technology provide effortless employee tracking, eliminating the need for manual attendance monitoring. Project timesheets integrated within the software ensure accurate work hour recording and project allocation. This translates to streamlined payroll processing and improved workforce visibility, allowing you to focus on strategic talent management initiatives. 

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Successful Case of Using ERP Marine Management Software: Ashcroft Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd

The company Ashcroft Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd has experienced a good and positive change from the day using ERP Marine Management Software. The software’s integrated approach allowed for better monitoring of cost and budget. Moreover, the automation of administrative tasks lets staff focus on strategic initiatives, enhancing overall productivity. 

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A journey to adopt ERP marine management software reveals various opportunities and benefits for a company. In an industry characterised by complexity and constant change, this software stands as a lighthouse, guiding companies toward operational excellence and competitive advantage. 

Synergix Technologies has a strong track record, empowering over 600 clients and 30,000 users with their powerful ERP solutions. Synergix Technologies also offers fully-integrated and customisable software specifically designed for the marine engineering industry. Don’t wait! Get a free demo of their ERP software today. Plus, government grants (PSG) can cover up to 50% of the cost!

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