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Boost your business with an ERP solution

Year 2017
March 2017
Boost your business with an ERP solution
24 Mar 2017

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What is ERP?

Businesses are conducted differently in today’s world than they were conducted a decade ago. Companies are run differently that they were run a decade ago. Technology has completely revamped the way things work, run, and function. Businesses and companies adapt themselves to the evolution of technology so as not to be left behind.

One such change is ERP software technology. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Previously, all the data of a business or company used to be written and filed manually. Looking for certain information required a long time. This was replaced with keying in data into the computer under multiple files. Imagine the number of folders that must have been created to store data on large companies.

Now, with ERP software technology, everything concerned to the company is tied under one system. All it takes is a database that integrates and organizes all the information on the company.

We, at Synergix Technologies, are one of the most professional providers of ERP system in Singapore.  We are well-known as the developers of Synergix E1 which is a flexible, comprehensive, and customizable web-based ERP software.

Our service

We provide ERP consulting services. With the experience of 22 years, we are well aware of the business market in Singapore. Our close association with our clients has made it possible for us to be highly knowledgeable regarding ERP system in Singapore.

We also provide System architectural framework. Each company and business are vastly different from one another. What might work for one company might not work for another. Hence, we provide customized effective solutions according to the needs and requirements of each company when it comes to ERP system in Singapore.

Besides these, we also focus on ERP system customization. In general, ERP system in Singapore can work for all the industries. But, some tweaks and changes have got to be done to ensure the functionality of the software.

Synergix Business Intelligence is something that cannot be rivaled. Our team is up-to-date regarding the latest in your industry and will be able to provide all the information that you need. Our ERP Software Support Service is dedicated to guiding you at all times. To top it all off, we also provide training to your employees on the techniques to use one of the best ERP system in Singapore.

Hire us to get the best ERP system in Singapore!