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Deliver Your Projects On-Time & Within Budget Using an ERP System

Year 2015
September 2015
Deliver Your Projects On-Time & Within Budget Using an ERP System
29 Sep 2015

construction images2 - Deliver Your Projects On-Time & Within Budget Using an ERP System

In any project based organization, manually managing all sectors of a complex project is definitely strenuous. This impedes to meet deadlines and/or to meet the allocated budget for a project. And the obstacles would result in missing the critical tasks, to exceed the average budget which in return impact the company’s revenue. Precisely, this is the reason why construction software exists — to help plan out, execute and supervise throughout the whole process of project management.

If you are using spreadsheets to manage your project’s time and budget, then it’s time for you to consider implementing an ERP System to stay ahead of your numbers. With an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), you can efficiently manage your projects and your entire business processes. Managers would be able to monitor the budget, critical tasks, check what has been done, what to do, updating the team in real time through the use of ERP.

So, how can construction software — such as TaskHub ERP, SAP ERP or Singapore ERP help you deliver your projects on time and within the allocated budget?

1. Control & Estimate Budget

Using TaskHub ERP Project Costing Solution, you will be able to set a budget for resource usage cost – including labor, outsourced service, and material throughout every phase/subphase. Every cost incurred will be counter-checked against the allocated budget amount to ensure that the project cost does not exceed.

2. Auto-Compute Estimated Project Profitability

In order not to under-quote or overbid for your projects, it is important to calculate the estimated profitability of every project before starting one. By initially specifying what resources you require for it, TaskHub ERP will auto-compute the profitability to give you an idea of your profit level. The ERP will help you make adjustments to each project bid amount ahead of time.

3. Accurately Allocate Cost to Projects

In order to accurately capture cost incurred in a project (e.g. material, manpower, employee claims, etc.), TaskHub ERP is integrated to procurement, timesheet, and employee claims modules. This helps you allocate and stick to the budget cost.

4. Equipment Usage Tracking On Site

Using construction software like TaksHub ERP, Project Managers will be able to track available or used equipment on site. This helps expedite delivery and utilize available equipment effectively.

5. Track Progress of Job Site Projects

Tracking worker’s progress for each site is made more convenient with TaskHub ERP since its accessible using mobile devices. Tracking progress is very critical in order to avoid delay in delivery which in long run affects customer retention and the company’s revenue.

A centralized and integrated ERP System significantly improves the productivity of workers. With the right construction ERP software, any company can manage all their projects well and effectively complete it on-time and within budget with greater accuracy.