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Does your business need an ERP System?

Year 2017
November 2017
Does your business need an ERP System?
30 Nov 2017

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There are different software in place for various business functions

  • If your company have different software such as accounting, CRM, HR management and Inventory management, serving different department’s need. Your company may benefit much more with just 1 fully integrated ERP system. Companies usually underestimate the effort and time needed to transfer information from 1 software to the other in order to use each software. Causing every operation to be running less efficiently as it can be. With a fully integrated ERP system, all data will be shared in real-time. There will not be a need to transfer information from 1 software to another.

Accounting is a chore

  • Manual accounting and tracking make your accounting staff enter a single piece of information across various databases. Likewise, creating reports will require all these different databases for the accountant to draw the relevant numbers for the report. With an ERP system, all these data entry jobs will be minimized as you will only need to input the data once and the system will follow through. This way, financial reports will be more precise and conveniently generated.

Business information and reports are hard to attain

  • Manual companies usually collate data on excel, which made it difficult to draw out vital information about the business. With an ERP system, all these details from the customer, sales margin, transaction history, inventory etc can be drawn out to create sophisticated reports for business management.

Your business face difficulty drawing out customer’s information to service them on site.

  • When your customers try to check on their product order, is your staff able to gather all information in a few clicks? Being unable to provide the answer your customer seeks is a quick way to make customers avoid doing business with you in future. When you implement an ERP system, every employee will be able to access a database where they can see customer’s product information & status.