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Can an ERP System improve Employee Satisfaction?

Year 2018
May 2018
Can an ERP System improve Employee Satisfaction?
21 May 2018

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As the world is entering Industry 4.0 (the 4th industrial revolution), there is an obvious trend for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore to update their system with technology such as a cloud / web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, one of the most essential solutions according to experienced consultants. Besides benefits in business management, a lesser known fact is that such ERP solutions also improve Employee Satisfaction, which lowers turnover and significantly enhances the value chain of companies.

  1. Simpler work practices

The implementation of an ERP solution makes data input and tracking of work operations considerably easier. From Sales and Production departments to Delivery and Quality Assurance, the work is simpler and faster as paperwork is eliminated. Besides, the system assists managers with the generation of overall statistics into reports, making the assessment of staff performance more effective.

  1. Clearer Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Traditional work procedures require heavy manual computation and offline communication between divisions, which usually results in miscalculation or missing/ unclear directions. As an example, an incorrect input from Sales department leading to excessive or insufficient production results in loss to the company, not to mention if wrong orders are delivered to customers, resulting in poor customer experience. Updating company procedures with a web-based ERP software can help automate manual tasks and create a transparent system, which reduces unnecessary pressure among employees.

  1. Reduction of excessive work

When the business is facilitated with ERP technology to be easier with fewer inaccuracies, additional work such as correcting errors is no longer a burden to your staff. With lesser error rectification work for past orders, staff can focus on processing newly received orders from customers, which releases them from working overtime.

  1. Diminishing workers’ stress and tension

Evidently, the abovementioned benefits contribute towards a better and smoother-running workplace in Singapore so that employees can enjoy every productive work day. Reduced stress and tension will positively impact workers’ physical and mental health, and result in higher productivity and performance, as well as decrease staff turnover.

We know that employee well-being and satisfaction play a paramount role in any company’s operations. An integrated ERP system will thus enable your SME to achieve the best of both worlds as it increases company productivity as well as effectively improve employee job satisfaction.

Singapore encourages the use of technology and automation to increase overall productivity with funding schemes that facilitate the development and deployment of innovative and smart technologies. One such funding grant is the WorkPro – Job Redesign Grant, which covers 80% of project costs or up to $20,000/ worker, whichever is lower.

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