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Challenges & Opportunities In Cleaning Service Industry

Year 2022
April 2022
Challenges & Opportunities In Cleaning Service Industry
28 Apr 2022

Challenges Opportunies in Cleaning Service Industry Blog 300x169 - Challenges & Opportunities In Cleaning Service Industry

In recent years, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, many businesses were closed. This, in fact, strangled the cleaning service industry in the short term. However, the economy is predicted to grow in the next few years, opening up new opportunities for commercial and industrial cleaning companies. According to a report by Grandview Research, the global commercial cleaning market might reach $468.2B in revenue by 2027. Read on to find out the challenges that the cleaning industry is facing and some opportunities that they can take advantage of. 

Challenges In The Cleaning Service Industry

 High Turnover Rate

The cleaning service industry is characterised by excessive turnover, inadequate training, and low morale. This makes it difficult for cleaning businesses to recruit well-trained and long-staffed employees. In detail, those that apply for available positions may not be the best fit, and those who are a good fit may not want to stay in the job for long. 

Besides, retaining staff is also challenging when a company’s culture and the working instrument can not fulfill employee satisfaction. In fact, low-quality supplies, such as thin and inadequate disposable gloves, might contribute to worker unhappiness. 

Fierce Competition

Cleaning is a highly competitive industry, with numerous providers competing for the same potential clients. Actually, running a cleaning company is much less expensive than other types of business. Therefore, a lot of individuals will want to get into the game. Due to the saturation of the cleaning service industry, businesses must now differentiate themselves in the market to be on top of the game. 

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Increasing Costs

Although running a cleaning firm might be less expensive than a traditional corporation, companies still need a budget for payments such as purchasing equipment or paying employees. Moreover, the cleaning service industry has become more competitive than ever with the increasing number of cleaning businesses. This requires companies to invest more to provide better services and stand out in the market. Besides, robots and AI technologies have already begun to exert great influence with many obvious benefits. In fact, they can handle manual and repetitive tasks, freeing humans to engage in customer-facing or skilled activities. As a result, cleaning companies will have to spend a huge amount of money to keep up with these technologies so as not to be left behind in this automation race.

Opportunities In The Cleaning Service Industry

Sustainability: Green Cleaning

Unsurprisingly, green cleaning is one of the cleaning service industry trends. Apart from profits, cleaning companies have paid more attention to the environment and the long-term effects of chemical products. According to Globe Newswire, the global green cleaning products market may reach $11.6 billion by 2029. 

Besides cleaning products, green cleaning solutions and more sustainable techniques are also becoming popular in the cleaning industry. Particularly, cleaning businesses can apply more sustainable procedures to reduce chemicals and water used. This not only helps organisations save money by decreasing waste and resources but also helps to lessen the negative impact on the environment.

Specialty Cleaning & Add-on Services

There is a lot of possibility for expansion in the specialty cleaning service. In reality, cleaning services for each area, such as hospitals or schools require different processes and technology. Therefore, companies have to provide specialised training to their staff as well as make a huge investment in technology. Because of this, the market will be less competitive.

Moreover, cleaning companies can provide more add-on services such as lawn care, general facility maintenance, HVAC cleaning, and laundry to boost their value in the market. These add-ons are a simple method to increase revenue while also delivering useful services to customers.

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Cleaning companies are exploring advanced technologies such as ERP cleaning software, to help them automate their operational workflows. The suitable software can make a huge difference in your business. The system can support quotation budgeting and preparations, manpower scheduling, billing tracking, and much more. This addition will increase your efficiency, speed, accuracy, and profitability.


In conclusion, the cleaning service industry has experienced many ups and downs in recent years. However, this is still a promising industry in the future. Make sure that your company has strategies to deal with all the obstacles and embrace all the great opportunities.

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