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How to Manage Cleaning Sector Challenges with Effective Digital Solutions

Year 2018
March 2018
How to Manage Cleaning Sector Challenges with Effective Digital Solutions
12 Mar 2018

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Singapore’s Cleaning industry has always been extremely manpower intensive, with high turnover rates and the need to attract new workers to keep up with its turnover rate. Companies often could not find enough manpower to support such demands. Under such conditions, companies turn to optimize their planning with digital technology such as ERP System to ensure they properly structure the usage of their manpower.

1) Manual Scheduling vs Cleaning ERP solution
Cleaning industry optimized ERP system helps companies without any scheduling solution by removing the manual processes. It saves time and improves productivity for users who find themselves using excel & calendars programs that are not optimized for worker scheduling.

2) Problems with Worker Attendance
A large amount of headcount across multiple cleaning job sites is common and it makes workers’ location tracking a problem for cleaning companies. Companies that fail to track their workers, face the situation where workers will miss work that results in lost businesses and credibility.

An optimized ERP system equipped with Mobile GPS tracking can be used to tag each worker and allow the company to search the location of every worker for an easy clock in/clock out attendance monitoring. Cleaning supervisors only need to use their mobile device to be able to check every worker under his charge, improving overall communication between office and site.

3) Salary billing
Another problem that arises from the large headcount is the computation of salary. Using manual calculation is inefficient with the possibility of payment delay and mistakes.
An integrated ERP system with payroll will assist cleaning companies with their salary computation. It minimizes inefficiency, improves process speed with real-time data flow and reduces the chances of mistakes occurring. Empowering your staff to be more efficient and productive.

Government assistance
According to Straits Times, more than 78,000 cleaning and waste management professionals in over 1,700 companies are part of the environmental services industry cannot continue to operate in their current labor-intensive ways as the Singapore workforce ages.

In response to such market trend, our government has been encouraging greater use of technology and automation to increase overall productivity with funding schemes that facilitate the development and deployment of innovative and smart technologies. One such funding grant is the WorkPro – Job Redesign Grant, which covers 80% of project costs or up to $20,000/ worker whichever is lower.

Optimize your business process now by investing in a Cleaning Industry optimized ERP software.

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