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ABC criteria of an ERP solution for your manufacturing operation

Year 2016
March 2016
ABC criteria of an ERP solution for your manufacturing operation
01 Mar 2016

Needless to say, an enterprise resource planning is an essential tool for manufacturing operations. However, installing an ERP is not that easy. It comes with a hefty price tag in terms of licensing and maintenance, but surely, the benefits it puts forward to the organizations is worth of whatever it takes! ERP system helps by facilitating smooth and enhanced profits.

An ERP system further helps you in extracting analytics and data statistics. ERP is the way to go if you want your company to be agile. It helps the organizations link their financial aspect with every sector, thus helping the organizations to track the costs.

But would just choosing random ERP system for manufacturing operations fit the need? Definitely not! You need to discuss every important element and questions with your ERP provider. However, the use of certain acronyms by your technology partner might just create confusion. To aid you here, we present before you the ABCs that you should look for while discussing ERP for your manufacturing operation.

  • AWS – automated warehouse solution

The Automated Warehouse Solution is the way to go to streamline your manufacturing operations. Integrate the AWS with your ERP system to build more accurate, faster, and smarter and efficient warehouse solutions. Whether your organization deals with cosmetics, beverage, nutraceutical or pharmaceutical manufacturing – AWS is definitely going to be an efficient answer. It helps you to track the inventory levels and inventory transfers, maintain a record of purchase order receipts and sales order shipment. AWS works by making use of bar coding and real-time data with the sole aim of boosting the productivity of the organization.

  • BI – Business Intelligence

Transform your raw data into usable information in order to extract reports and statistics and use it to make well-informed decisions. Business intelligence works by empowering the benefits of ERP system. It extracts data from multiple sources to analyze the real-time reports. Its highly intuitive interface is designed as per your requirements – use it to gather the info related to budget, financial reports, forecasting and various other benefits. BI works by making tasks like exporting data and posting reports uncomplicated, thus helping your ERP system to perform even better.

  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Augment the functionalities of your ERP system further with CRM. CRM acts as a single point of contact for analyzing and managing employees, sales, marketing and customer care. Boosting sales and nurturing relationships, CRM works as a complementary add-on for ERP.

ERP thus can single-handedly provide you with an array of functionalities. Their easy integration with other related applications further proves to be an icing on the cake.

We at Synergix Technologies are a Singapore ERP expert in providing fully integrated manufacturing ERP. Our TaskHub manufacturing ERP system aims to boost the productivity and performance of all small and mid-sized manufacturing businesses. Along with providing you an ERP catering to your manufacturing needs, we also offer add-on integrations of BI suite, CRM, AWS and others with our TaskHub manufacturing software.

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