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Debunking the common rumors on ERP Software

Year 2017
February 2017
Debunking the common rumors on ERP Software
20 Feb 2017

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Being one of the most useful options for resource planning for your company, there certainly are rumors about the system. Let us look into these rumors and see what we can derive from it.

ERP System pricing and implementation duration 
ERP systems prices and implementation duration vary depending on the capabilities it covers. In general, the implementation time for a complete standard solution is in within the range of 6 months.
Benefit: Even though an ERP system might look costly initially but there is government funding to help soften the cash impact needed and utilizing an ERP system will ultimately increase your revenue and gives you a good return on investment, it is definitely worth the money.

Maintenance for an ERP Software
An ERP system requires maintenance in order to ensure that the technology stays updated with growing times and all your business operations. If the system is not evolving, it will not be a meaningful investment.
Benefit: Maintenance and upgrading the ERP system ensures that efficiency is optimized at all points. Teamwork in within the company will be required to iron out SOP workflow issues which will then translate to enhancements for the ERP system after development to cater for the new SOP developed. This keeps the system valuable and configured for the company.

Modifications for an ERP software
ERP systems can be flexible and modified in order to suit the requirements of the company. Modifying the system require technical skills and knowledge that can only be done by vendors who are well versed in this technology and have sound knowledge in the system. Looking for these vendors will be crucial to ensure smooth implementation of the system.
Benefit: A flexible ERP system makes it more convenient to smoothen out the operations in the company and to achieve a system that is specific to your organization.

ERP systems are difficult to use
Proper training conducted will mitigate this problem and it falls onto the responsibility of the ERP vendor to provide training for their customers and assist them in their transition. In the long run, an ERP system works towards simplifying the processes and making things simpler for you.
Benefit: Once you get past the adjustment period, you can work with your team using the ERP. You can also utilize this chance to simplify some procedures and find possible solutions to all team challenges in the ERP system.

ERP will do the job for you
ERP software is a powerful tool that requires minimal effort to produce all the data you need to think accordingly and plan strategically. It will equip you with all the decision-making data.
Benefit: Once the people and team members are aware of the functions, operations, and benefits of the ERP, they can use it to its full potential and work towards timely and accurate decisions.

All companies should have an ERP System
ERP system is a tool that provides you with an advantage. But it is not imperative for every business, but it is highly recommended as it will improve your business efficiency on all fronts.
Benefit: This improves your company’s resources and keeps your customers satisfied. It will enhance your competitive advantage against your competitors and provide you more control over all your business operations which can help in making your business successful.