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Dedicated Server Hosting Vs. Cloud Hosting Server

Year 2016
September 2016
Dedicated Server Hosting Vs. Cloud Hosting Server
01 Sep 2016

Cloud Computing Benefits - Dedicated Server Hosting Vs. Cloud Hosting ServerDedicated Server Hosting Vs. Cloud Hosting Server: Which Is Best For An Enterprise Resource Planning System?

Are you here to opt which hosting server will suit you best for your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)? You are just a few steps away from reaching your conclusion. So, continue reading and let us help you decide. Firstly, you need to know about the host and server. So, here it is.

What is a Hosting Server?

The host is a computer system which enables you to access it from a remote location. Hosting server is a server which is dedicated to hosting a service or bunch of services for users. These are utilized for hosting websites. With the help of hosting server, you can share files, data, images, etc.

There are two types of servers. The one which is meant for a single client use and is called a dedicated server while the one which is used and shared by many clients and is called cloud or shared hosting server. Cloud or hosting server is usually used in offices and organizations if many of your clients simultaneously work on their systems. Hosting a website or an app is on trend with modern technologies.

Highlights of a Cloud Server You Must Know

Cloud server has connected servers clustered together which will help you to share the data with increased efficiency and reliability using unlimited resources.

If you’re a startup or small-medium enterprises opt for cloud server as it is not only inexpensive but it also manages the entire infrastructure. They will cut down your expenses as it doesn’t face hardware troubles. Cloud servers will be beneficial for you if your business demands bandwidth fluctuation. This ensures its flexibility.

What makes Cloud ERP valuable?

Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will enable your organization’s accounting, purchasing, operations and reporting to be run on the cloud. Cloud ERP system is valuable to SNDs because it will provide you the access to entire ERP system applications. With the help of ERP cloud vendors, it is easy to host many applications in ERP system to access through internet connectivity and utilizing the main purpose of cloud ERP system.

SaaS ERP system is a hosting model for ERP system which superbly integrates your organization’s ERP software applications on vendor servers. The main purpose of software-as-a-service (SaaS) ERP system hosting is used to reduce cost software, hardware, services, and support.

These servers virtually run on cloud computing environment. With cloud servers, stability and security are guaranteed. If one of the users is overloading the server at his end then it will not harm your server connection and vice versa. This is feasible due to security the cloud server provides. They are fast and stable. They don’t incur any hardware problems as your data gets stored in the cloud and you can access it even if you have lost your system or machine.

Highlights of a Dedicated Server Hosting You Must Know

Dedicated server hosting, as the name suggests works exclusively for you. You should opt or rent a dedicated server if you own a huge business where the internet has to be kept working 24/7 with saving enormous data. Dedicated server is not shared with anyone.

Dedicated server ensures your email security, stability, control and high performance. If your websites manage and are flooded with huge traffic all the time, then dedicated servers are the best solution for you.

Dedicated Server Vs. Cloud Server – Which Ones Better for You?

  • With a dedicated server, you need not worry about overhead expenses since you take it on the lease. You have a unique IP address while with cloud server you are bound to share it with multiple websites.
  • Using shared (cloud) server is the cheapest way to run your business whereas comparatively if you plan to purchase a dedicated server, it incurs a lot of money and maintenance. Nonetheless, a dedicated server will allow you the flexibility of customizing the server to your unique needs for RAM, CPU, and software.
  • You need not worry about the traffic clogging CPU and your server with a dedicated server but with a cloud server, you need to be aware.
  • With a cloud server, you have to be cautious about the websites that can be malicious or potential spammers whereas with a dedicated server you can stay relaxed as you don’t share your server with anyone.
  • If one of your neighbors is on a malicious site or on an adult site, then it may drag your ranking down which mostly happens when you have a Cloud(shared) server but with a dedicated server, you need not bother about it as you don’t share your unique IP address with anyone.

Dedicated server and Cloud server bear their own distinctive features possessing advantages and disadvantages too. Depending on your business model requirements the choice can be effectively taken.