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Does having an ERP System really need more manpower?

Year 2014
January 2014
Does having an ERP System really need more manpower?
30 Jan 2014

With the projection of Singapore’s manufacturing sector to pick up in 2014, is your business ready for the growth and also be on the right track in attaining good visibility to your manufacturing operation? Many SME manufacturers that we spoke to has misconception over a ERP system, thinking that it will only lead to the need to hire more manpower for data entry. Let us take a look at why the following common complains are not really that valid.

  • “We prefer to key into excel” 
    Whether your staff enter the data into excel or into the ERP software, it is still the same. If they can enter the data into an excel, why not a system which can give Management and operation better control? If you have an excel storing your Bill Of Material information, engineers or R&D department will input into the Bill Of Material Master within the ERP software. See? Nothing change to their work process!
  • “There are a lot of data entry effort”
    The amount of data entry effort shall depend on what information Management wishes and need to analyse. Without data input, there will be no report output. The main benefit by having the data captured into an manufacturing ERP software over an excel is that manufacturing reports are immediately generated and data are much highly accurate since there is no human manual intervention when generating the reports. Very commonly, manual reporting will need users to copy data from other sources and re-compute accordingly. This may lead to unnecessary data inaccuracy.
  • “Very troublesome as need to wait for approval before i can get my work done”
    Well, its not the fault of the ERP system! Every company has certain SOP to follow in which the manufacturing ERP software is basically designed to follow every company’s SOP. For example, most, if not all management will not agree to allow user to issue purchase order without an authorized signature. When converting this into the process of an ERP, it basically just changed from hard-copy signature to digital online approval for the purchase order. In fact an web-based ERP system with online approval will benefit and shorten the approval process because Management approving the purchase order can authorized even when they are not in office or overseas via internet access through mobile devices.
  • “My workers are not that good in IT”
    Well, if an ERP needs a highly IT literate person to operate then probably that ERP system is not sufficiently designed to be user friendly. With technologies such as bar-code scanner for example, manufacturing workers need not know how to enter complicated work order but rather, through the ease of scanning the bar-code on their manufacturing traveler card or work order , tapping their workers card ID will be able to auto-log their job done , process start time, end time and etc information.


Above are just some common feedback or concern but as you can see, ERP system is not like a huge mountain to overcome. In fact with proper training, it will help to raise the productivity of your workers and everyone, including the workers and company shall benefit.

To find out more on our ERP Singapore Software and whether if your company’s challenges can be overcome with a ERP, feel free to email us at marketing@synergixtech.com OR fill up our “Request a Free Demo” form and our Consultants will attend to you asap.