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Don't miss out your chance to claim PIC before it ends

Year 2017
February 2017
Don't miss out your chance to claim PIC before it ends
28 Feb 2017

PIC will be expiring in YA2018 which means to say if your Financial Year is in June, you will need to hurry and claim this PIC before June 2017.
For all existing customers of Synergix, good news! Should you require any new modules from us to assist and improve your current company productivity, you can certainly make good use of this opportunity to purchase some add-on modules from us at an attractive price exclusive for existing customers only!
Please refer below to view some of the modules which may assist your operations categorized based on different industries.

Construction Industry:

  • Subcontractor Progressive Claim and Billing

Manage your sub con progressive claim to you whereby you can easily monitor your claims and your QS payment response or certification did for your sub con for each project. The system is able to track the advance payment you made to your sub con as well as auto-generate a back charge invoice if there is any back charge to Subcon.

  • Customer Progressive Claim and Billing

Manage your customer progressive claim from main con/customer with this module whereby the system will help to also remind you how much down payment you can recover from your claims. Furthermore, it can also track any back charge you need to pay to the customer as well.

  • Manpower Planning

This will allow you to focus on planning which worker you would like to assign to which project on a specific date as well as the specific scope of work task to where the supervisor can record attendance at the work site via a mobile and have the cost of manpower to be charged to your projects. It will reflect you the number of headcounts assigned so that you know how many balance headcount you’re left with to take on for other projects. It is also integrated with our e-leave module so that workers who are on leave, will not appear on the screen for work assignment on that day. In the event you’re not using our Payroll module, the system can take the Standard Labour Cost pre-tagged to the worker’s Tier and based on workers’ man-day cost, automatically charge out to project as Labour Cost.

  • Budget Category

Should your Project Manager wish to know if the overall budget is well kept instead of itemized budget monitoring, he may make use of this feature to monitor budget based on category whereby the system is able to counter check total cost incurred for the project against the budget category cost.

  • Equipment Asset Cost Tracking

Our system allows you to capture your asset cost based on the daily rate you have indicated to be charged to the respective projects after days of usage at each job site.

  • Weekly Timesheet

This allows you to record Normal and OT hours an Employee has worked for a Project in an activity in a week and charge this cost to the projects.

  • Staff Claim

Empower your workers to do their staff claim themselves with this module where they can easily indicate the staff claim for each project that they worked for. This claims can then be reflected under each Project’s profit and loss report.

  • Equipment Servicing

Should you require any internal servicing made to your equipment, you may implement our Equipment Servicing module which is linked to Inventory and Fixed asset module to help you with equipment maintenance so as to ensure that your equipment runs smoothly during operations. Through an online scheduler, you can pre-schedule your technicians to perform in-house maintenance servicing of your own equipment, including the ability to track the inventory parts replacement made to the equipment, a service checklist to guide your technician for thorough checking as well as auto-tracking of the cost incurred to maintain your assets. The equipment cost will then be allocated to the projects.

Trading & Distribution Industry:

  • Customer Relationship Management

With this module, you can simply manage your leads/prospects/customer list and information all within the ERP system. You may update any new leads first before converting them into a sales opportunity. During pursuing a prospective client, you are able to keep track of their sales pipeline and update the opportunity status (warm/cold/hot lead) and its respective % closure probability. Thus, management can easily review the opportunity for potential sales revenue projection. Another useful feature is that there is also a campaign management feature included in this module for the marketing dept to manage the campaigns organized by your company.

  • Warranty

Keep track of your warranty details of each of your inventory such as the serial number, country of origin, product specification and expiry date of the warranty.

  • Sales Return

For goods, you have sold to your customers and they requested to return the goods back to you. You may use this module to monitor the sales returns from your customers. Upon indication by your warehouse workers for the goods returned, the system will be able to automatically generate an AR Credit Note to your customer.

  • Adhoc Production

This module will be useful if you have goods that require assembly or disassembly of the parts before you sell the goods to your customer.

  • Offline Mobile Sales

Should you have any mobile sales force team whom visit client to take in order replenishment, you can make use of our Mobile sales module which comes with both online and offline app so that the salesperson can make use of Android-based mobile device to conveniently enter new orders and it will auto-synchronize back to the backend sales management module.

  • QAQC Module

For your goods received from the supplier, you may do a quality check on the goods first before deciding whether to update into inventory or choose to return to your suppliers for exchange.

Manufacturing Industry:

  • QAQC Module with Product Material Certification

We have a QAQC module which enables companies to perform QAQC and also track the quality inspection results for their Logistics Incoming materials, as well as their manufacturing work-in-process and finished goods. After indicating the Pass/Fail quantities, the accepted materials be added to the current inventory balance, while the information regarding failed items will be routed to a Non-Conformance Acceptance Report (NCAR) screen, where the QAQC user can indicate the cause of failure, as well as the disposition (corrective) action to be taken, which includes categories such as rework, scrap, replace, or accept.

  • Machine Capacity Planning

This is our system’s full-process manufacturing module, most suited for companies with multi-process manufacturing and who would like to maximize machine and overhead utilization. Our system has a Production Planning feature which enables you to do production scheduling based on machine capacity and production lead time, thus maximizing your resource allocation and bringing about a more streamlined and efficient operation workflow.

  • Material Requirement Planning

The Material Requirement Planning module enables your purchase planner to see in advance the materials that would be needed for your company’s operations and allocate materials for production and trading, as well as raise Purchase Requisitions for the materials which are insufficient. Our system will keep track of the lead times of each material and therefore recommend the purchase planner on the Required Procurement Date of each material. This will help your company to minimize over/under buying and thus reduce wastage and unnecessary costs.

  • Work Order

Synergix’s “Work Order Completion” feature enables you to keep track of the beginning and end times of each production stage, as well as to track the track the materials and overhead used in production. This information will then be used to compute and allocate the costs of manufacturing for the finished goods accordingly to generate manufacturing reports for the management’s assessment. The information used for Work Order Completion is linked directly from the Sales Order and MCP and is also flowed to Inventory modules as well as Procurement.

  • Equipment Maintenance Management

Your machines are a critical asset to your production. Hence, we also have inbuilt Equipment Maintenance Mgmt module for you to do all preventive maintenance work for your machines. It can track for you when was the last servicing done to your machine, any parts replacement and If your machine is down for maintenance, the system can update the MCP so that no new orders will be allocated to that particular machine.

  • Employee Timesheet

Employee Daily Timesheet (EDT) is a screen which allows the user to record individual daily activities and the labor cost will be added to the cost of manufacturing the finished good. This also is useful in ensuring traceability over which worker was responsible for which work order completion so that in the event that there is manufacturing defect or product recall issue, you can do backtrace even up to worker level.

Contract & Rental Industry:

  • Service Order and Service Performance

In the event whereby you conduct servicing of your rented items to your customer, you may use this module to trace your service order and record your services performed based on the service performance checklist by your technicians as they go down to the customer site to perform those services.

  • Mobile UI Service Module

Alternatively, if you prefer to view the service performance checklist in a mobile version, you may consider our UI Service module to record services performed by the technicians as they go down to the customer site.

Other Useful Add-On Modules:

  • Human Resource Management and Payroll which consists of Basic Salary Manpower cost tracking, E-leave Management, Biometric Time Management System, Staff Appraisal Management, Training & Certification Management. All of this information captured will be disseminated to the HR team for payroll processing.

Basic Salary Manpower Cost: This feature shall allow your project manager who doesn’t need to clock in/out but would like their fixed monthly salary to be allocated to project as project expenses.

E-leave: In the event where your staff needs to apply leave, he can do so through online leave application in our eLeave module.

Biometric Time Management System: With this Biometric TMS system, it will allow you to keep track of your workers clock in/out via mobile devices. It comes inbuilt with Google GPS which means it will help to reduce possible dispute with your workers over attendance validity.

Staff Appraisal: During year-end, you may perform staff appraisal where our Staff appraisal module allows you to review the performance of your staff and based on the KPI performance, the system will auto-compute their recommended bonus and increment amount before Mgt agrees and gets auto-updated to their Payroll information.

Training & Certification: This module shall help you to track all the various courses that your staff attended, their skill and certification achieved and whether how much budget had been spent for each headcount on the various courses.

If interested, please email us at Marketing@synergixtech.com