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Effective Production Planning With Synergix ERP Solutions

Year 2022
February 2022
Effective Production Planning With Synergix ERP Solutions
22 Feb 2022

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In the manufacturing industry, Production Planning (or Production Scheduling) has become a must. All other vital elements such as supply chain planning, inventory forecasting, etc. have to depend on the accuracy of the master production plan. In this article, we would like to indicate how this feature in Synergix ERP system can help companies leverage their operational process. 

What is Production Planning in ERP Systems?

Production planning is the process of devising strategies for allocating resources, such as raw materials, human power, and physical space, to assure order fulfillment on time. This feature makes the most efficient use of all resources to ensure that the company’s output is not hampered. In other words, it aids in manufacturing process optimisation – making the manufacturing process as effective as possible.

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Being a component of the ERP systems, ERP production planning gathers information and data from other modules and sub-modules. Then it analyses them to plan production. Thanks to this, businesses can come out with much more efficient production strategies which are essential for success. Particularly:

  • By tracking day-to-day production processes, businesses are able to maintain a smooth workflow with higher productivity.
  • A well-designed production plan will save costs (inventory, labor, and production) and eliminate the possibility of misinterpreting data and incurring a large loss.
  • With on-time and high-quality deliveries, companies can improve customer service.
  • As a result of the production line’s synchronised operation, companies can increase output capacity and a higher sales rate.

How Do Synergix ERP Solutions Assist In Production Planning? 

Flexible Production Planning

In this competitive market, customers increasingly demand shorter lead times, and companies must respond at the lowest cost. Consequently, flexible production planning becomes more crucial than ever. Synergix’s Manufacturing ERP System enables fast and responsive production planning scenarios that are tightly associated with manufacturing execution. For instance, the system can provide real-time alerts for capacity constraints.  It will also auto-recommend alternative strategies to assist people in their production scheduling work.

Flexible Response To Unexpected Problems & Market Variables

No matter how perfect your plan is, unexpected problems are inevitable. When unforeseen situations arise, your production schedule may be disrupted. For example, a shortage of materials, sudden machine downtime, urgent changes or cancellation in client orders, etc. However, here are just a few scenarios for which the Synergix ERP System has a solution. This will ensure that production planners can optimise their production capacity better.

Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Synergix ERP Solution keeps track of all material statuses needed to fulfill businesses’ manufacturing requirements. Real-time access to integrated warehouse stock status from your supply chain will be combined with our inventory module. This combination enables proactive reactions to new quality requirements and the pursuit of manufacturing goals.

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Auto reflection of Bill of Material (BOM)

According to Investopedia: “Bill of material (BOM) is an extensive list of raw materials, components, and instructions required to construct, manufacture, or repair a product”. It guarantees that those parts will be available when needed, and the manufacturing processes will be as efficient as possible. With our ERP system, both Default and Verified BOMs will be automatically drawn into the production planning screen. This helps the production planners not to choose BOM separately for all production vouchers. Moreover, it can also reduce the possibility of selecting the incorrect BOM. 

Forward & Backward Scheduling

Synergix ERP software can assist users in calculating production start and end times using either backward or forward scheduling. Therefore, the production planners can determine whether this particular production can fulfill the specified deadline despite the current workload.

The system will analyse order release date, BOM setup time, and lead time to calculate the earliest date for product completion. So, companies can check if they can meet the deadline set by the clients. Conversely, based on the production due date and the client delivery date, the system can also calculate the needed start date for production. Hence, companies have more time to prepare and work out the production start date without missing the customer’s delivery deadline.


In conclusion, being a critical part of ERP systems, the production scheduling feature helps businesses in demand forecasting, strategies planning, and inventory management. Therefore, companies can manufacture products with minimal risks and maximise their profits. 

As one of the leading ERP vendors in Singapore, Synergix Technologies provides a fully integrated, cloud-based, and customisable ERP system that can absolutely fulfill all your requirements. The Singapore government has provided Product Solutions Grant (PSG) and Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) to encourage companies to digitalise their business. The grant’s maximum support of up to 80% of the qualifying costs will be valid till March 2022. 

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