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ERP Software for Cleaning Industry: Up to 80% Grants

Year 2020
December 2020
ERP Software for Cleaning Industry: Up to 80% Grants
07 Dec 2020

Cleaning ERP Software - ERP Software for Cleaning Industry: Up to 80% Grants

With so many grants introduced by the Singapore government, now is definitely the right time to digitalize your business processes! Established in 1990, Synergix Technologies is a local ERP software provider who has helped over 600 SMEs in Singapore throughout their business transformation journey. We totally understand all the challenges faced by companies in the cleaning industry, and we’ve got you covered.

Some companies from the cleaning industry that have embarked on their digitalization journey with Synergix include Primech Services, Avon Cleaning Services, Sun City Maintenance and more.

This article aims to give you a deeper understanding about our ERP Software for the Cleaning industry!


Your salesperson would be able to create a new quotation for your customers whenever there is a quote request. As you may have various billing frequency with different clients, Synergix supports complete billing frequency methods including one-time charge, usage-based charges, and fixed recurring billing method such as monthly, quarterly, annually. This allows you to create a contract quotation that suits the requirements of your customers, including different billing frequency types like calendar or anniversary type.

Your salesperson can also propose the manpower headcount and scope of work that they are quoting your customer. Once your salesperson had finished with their quote preparation, the quotation can be routed for approval by your approving manager before sending it out to the customer. 


After your customer has confirmed the quotation, Synergix ERP System users can easily convert the quote into a contract to monitor the contract lifecycle. Here, you would be able to manage all your active contracts and monitor their expiry.

Along the way, your customer may require some changes in the initial contract. Hence, Synergix ERP Software will be able to perform contract revision and keep track of the revised contract details. In addition, you could also easily manage the renewal and termination of the contract with just one click.

When you need to bill the customer, you need not worry about invoices left unbilled. This is because with Synergix centralized billing feature, you will be able to monitor frantically which contract is due for an invoice by the month and date.


Following the contract creation process, you may need to plan for which specific employees to be deployed to which job site. With the Manpower Planning module, we help you to filter employees based on their designation and you can easily retrieve the headcount requirements for each contract for assignment.


With the scope of works and their frequencies that are pre-defined in the contract, our software will automatically retrieve them and suggest you a plan for your acceptance, with an option to include or exclude weekends and public holidays. We have the flexibility for you to create the schedule from scratch.


Supervisors will be able to access the necessary information required at the job site such as recording attendance or viewing the scheduled task list. Here, they will be able to see employees who are supposed to be present and record their clock in/out time. The task list can also be retrieved for them to mark the completion of each task and upload photos. Operation staff can then generate progress reports with the photos later on for your customer. 


As you may need to replenish the chemicals or purchase equipment for new sites, Synergix software comes with an inbuilt Procurement module. When there are insufficient stocks on hand or when anyone needs to raise a purchase request,  they can make use of our Purchase Requisition module to raise such requests. Synergix ERP software will then send an auto-email alert to the approving officer for multi-level approval before the purchaser proceeds with supplier sourcing and issuing the purchase order to the supplier.


Once the Purchase Order has been issued out, you would also be ready to create Goods Receipt Note (GRN) via our Logistic module when the goods had been delivered to your warehouse. Synergix ERP Software is able to manage partial delivery so that any outstanding delivery owed by the supplier will always be tracked. When the goods have been received, you are also able to make use of our QAQC module whereby you can do a quality check on the items before the stocks get updated into your inventory while any rejected items can be returned to the supplier.


Synergix Human Resource module conforms to MOM and local regulations. It comes with features that will assist you with payroll, timesheet management, e-leave, staff appraisal, and training and certification. Other areas such as staff claims and deduction are also able to be captured via Synergix Payroll module.


Synergix Accounting module is registered with IRAS and conforms to Singapore’s accounting standards. All modules will be linked to the finance department whereby the finance team can utilize our Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, General Ledger, Bank Book, Fixed Assets as part of our fully integrated software.


To encourage SMEs to go digital, there are a number of government grants for local companies to tap on. As a pre-approved vendor for Productivity Solution Grant (PSG), Synergix Technologies has helped most of our customers tap on the government grant of up to 80% of qualifying cost. Besides that, we can also look into other available grants such as Enterprise Development Grant (EDG), SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC), E-Invoicing Registration Grant (ERG).

Should you be interested in Synergix ERP Software, feel free to drop us a message now!

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